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Leaders are readers.

Success unshared is meaningless.

There’s nothing like a bit of a motivation to get you starting your weekend right, so I thought I’d share what I’ve been working on myself..Β 

“Each day we have a choice – we can move forward with purpose or we can stay rooted in the past. What have you done to move yourself toward your dreams and goals today? Life is a continuous journey, built step by step – sometimes with giant leaps in between. Take a step forwardΒ and learn to use your time more efficiently.Β  Whatever you choose, set your standards, take action and rise to meet them..”

Out-do yourself. Every day.


We go to school to learn math, biology, philosophy and critical thinking. But when is the last time you invested in learning about yourself – about how you interact with your world, what drives you and how you can overcome obstacles?

Whatever you choose, Β ,Β set your standards, take action and rise to meet them.

Have a great weekend ahead!