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Woke up early, was feeling good still dark outside. Sat mediated 15 min then got ready and went to the gym.

Did upper body Incline Barbell bench press, Flat Dumbell Bench press, then seated Dumbell press, then read Dealt Flyes on the machine, then a set of Leg Extensions…. then I checked my phone and the agency lady had messaged for the new flat that I’m gonna move in this weekend at the Oval.

Last week I went view this flat, some agent showed me around. We started talking and then talking about work etc and then he sais he works Viewbar agency. So people who are living in London, Viewbar is a property viewing agency, who gives agent.

When you register yourself with Viewbar, they will send you 5 miles around your area to collect the keys and show the empty flats to the potential tenants or buyers. You don’t need a lot of property knowledge, just meeting and greeting new people and you’ll get paid for that.

Walked back home from gym, rest of the day just sat on the desk planning / working the move.. Brother phoned around 5:45 pm. We spoke for a while then I made dinner..

3 x things I felt grateful for today

  • For Apples.
  • For humans being able to walk
  • for jeans..

what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, happier, healthier and richer tomorrow? night sleep time x Ash.