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This is how it looks like for many people today:
  • Healthy food shop – £100 – Too expensive
  • Dinner date – £100 – Reasonable
  • Months supplement and vitamins – £100 – Can’t afford that
  • Night out partying – £100 – Weekly occurrence 
  • Personal growth seminar – £180 – That’s just crazy
  • Gucci belt – £180 – Need to have it!
  • Start a business – £1000 – I can’t justify that
  • iPhone  – £1000 – This is a necessity
  • 60 minutes at the Swim – I wish I had time
  • 60 minutes watching TV – Time flies away, another one!
Everything in life is about priorities. And what you prioritize will dictate what your life looks like. Where will you be in five years? Just look at your priorities and it will be very easy to tell.
Start prioritizing the things that will help you creating the life you want in the long run instead of falling for short term temptations. 
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Wish you all the best