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🌈 557 – Fri 08 Oct 23:56 2021


Woke up 5:30.. still dark outside, a little chill but I think I heard the radiator was on so it was warm. I was feeling so good. I sat mediated 15 min then ate tuna and sat down preparing for the interview which is at 09:30.. Sat on my desk until then almost, it went well.. same people who inteveriwed my couple days ago for the Case officer role were there. it went well this time. I will know next week.

10:35 after the interview rung Dad. We spoke briefly nd went on with my work the rest of the day. Lunch time I had a viewing booked for the flat at the Oval, I got there 12:30 the current tenant girl was really sweet she showed me around, I emailed the agent back after I got home that I will take the flat.

Rest of the afternoon went well. Logged off work then went to swim but the swim was closed the lessons so went to tesco. Brother phoned around 9:30. I told him about how the interview went well. Tomorrow new Bhabijaan and all family going to sisters. Looking forward for the weekend already.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • for my red hat
  • for feeling good this morning after the meeting
  • for feeling good after viewing the flat.

What would it take for mine and your transition to happen so smoothly that we shouldn’t even feel anything and everything to be just fine..