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🌈 555 – Mon 4 Oct 23:57 2021


Woke up early.. did not look at the time. It was so dark, I was feeling so good. I did not want to go back to bed but I sat down made a sxxxx for a long time and then I meditated for 15 min.. It was still dark. then sat down did the preparation for the interview on Tuesday

then went back to bed and slept for 15, 20 min.. then got ready to go to gym but didn’t go I started getting calls from all the estate agents that I had been messaging over the weekend for the flats.. and then finally, decided to take another nap, I had already spoken to 3 or 4 people. . took a nap for 30 min. then sat on the desk and prepared for the interview Case officer role tomorrow morning. and the 1:45 I went to swim at the Vauxhall leisure centre but it was so busy. I then jumped into the slower lane and found a pedal so did only legs up and down about 10 laps no arms and got out sharp around 14:40..

While I was in the changing room mother was texting me asking how did the search for the house go? then had Dads call when I was walking back home I didn’t answer, I didn’t wan to tell him I went swimming lunchtime. I phoned him back after I got home, and I told him I was on a call from work. Why is he phoning everyday at the odd timings. otherwise I was ringing him every Sunday’s.

Afterwards, 15:30 I got ready and left home, went to Oval tube station and took the northern line to go to Elephant and castle, I had a viewing at the metro central height but the agent forgot to bring the keys.. I walked back home mediated for 15 min and worked on my desk for a little bit and then, made dinner ate and then prepared more for the interview and now going bed.

3 things I’m grateful for today

for parents

for air

for radio.

What would it take for me and for you be relaxed, controlled, comfortable, clear and by myself tomorrow? Ngiht x Ash