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552 – Fri 01 Oct 2021


Woke up early.. realised I’m up but my eyes are still closed and I was thinking I paused and said, what was I thinking? ok so glad the eyes are still closed and I did the affirmation 30 times “What would it take for me to earn £300K/Day now?”

Opened my eyes, looked at the pictures that I want to see, looked at the window and It was grey and raining outside all day have been. checked my phone, then said Assalam alikaum in the group chat with the family Dad and bother had already exchanged their Salam in the morning and then I said Happy Birthday Gandhi.

Happy Birthday to you to Ms Sxxxxx. in the other family group.

There was a notification from Axxxxxx from SFM what time are we meeting in the morning? we had planned a couple weeks ago to meet up for a tea. I said anytime is good and started cleaning the flat, she got to Vauxhall at 10:55 I got there around 10:59.. we hugged I apologised for being late, and I looked into her eyes and I said I went to the shop and it was closed. there was voice in my head said, you are lying! I did lie. I got late cleaning honestly and I lied saying I went to shop. I have no idea why my human body said that. “Body body body tell me why did you make me lie?” What would it take for me and for yours all negative patterns in mind relating to lies comes out of the system please release now!”

We walked home from Vauxhall station, I put the kettle on, sat down and we were catching first time after the lockdown, I hadn’t seen my dear friend Axxxxx in such a long time before the Covid lock down, she still looked the same.

I dropped her back at the station, walked back home.

Around 12:30 phoned Dad, he did not phone me today around 11:30 AM. He had been ringing everyday while I’m at work and singing Happy Birthday To you.. song since he forgot to wish on my birthday until I reminded them he’s calling and singing the song everyday!!!!

Rest of the afternoon, I sat down looking for the flats in Vauxhall, Oval, Kennington.. Took a nap 6:30 PM still raining ouside. then brother phoned around 9:30 pm.. told him about the interview I have on Tuesday Case officer role and Friday Triage officer role and now just sitting and started doing the application.

3 things I felt grateful for today

  • grateful for my dear friend Axxxxxx ( forgot to say she got engaged during the covid lockdown)
  • grateful for brother who was getting irritated that he’s wife was not leaving him alone and being very possessive.
  • Grateful for all the carpets.

Night! Ash