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🌈 547 – Mon 27 Sep 23:54 2021


Woke up early, went to the gym, only did warmup 4 sets of pull-ups dips on the machine a shoulder exercise, and an Abs exercise on the machine and left. It was raining in the morning and all day until late afternoon. grey and dull took my broly to the gym.

Monday work went smooth first in the morning.. Around 11:30 Dad rung and I thought it was sweet we spoke for a little bit then he started yawning and he left mum and dad were you and you fighting.

Went to swim lunch time and the back at my desk.. rest of the day went smooth..

4:30 pm.. this agent lady had rung me this morning around mid say saying there is slot for viewing the studio flat on Wandsworth road for £1000 excl. bils I said ok to the slot at 5:15 pm.. I left work at 4:45 pm quickly got ready and then left home walked by the Lawnlane Vauxhall park and went to Wandsworth road, passed through new Nine elms tube station, passed through the Sainsburys then walked, walked on the right side I found that house finally but I couldn’t find the entrance so I walked pass and walked all around the block then there were a bunch of girls standing and I asked them and they said no they don’t, then I another guy, he said no, I walked all around but It was nice to see around the area if I were gonna move.. then I finally found the entrance and walked.. The flat was on the 3rd floor .. Looked around and walked out straight.

Got home via embassy bought a cake on my way got home then I sat down, rested for a bit then moved the mirror which was in the corridor to my bedroom, and then put a candle on opened the cake box.. sat on my bed the cake was on the desk …

3 x thing I felt grateful for today

  • for my flat.
  • while I was swimming i felt so grateful
  • when I ate dinner when It cooked very well I felt so grateful. .

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, happier, richer and have a very very productive yet relaxing day?

Night, and Night.. sleepy night. Ash x 



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