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14 March 2019.ย 

Woke up 4, I wanted to do the meditation that I have not been paying much attention to the past couple of weeks. The book that I am listening to Joe Dispenza’s becoming supernatural.. The melatonin level is high at 1am to 4am.. It’s a great time for meditation and reaching your higher self. and I always used to think about waking up early at 4 am even when I was in College.. never achieved it until today.. Although most of the early months last year when I was new building my business, I was waking up 4:30 AM.. Today at 4 first alarm, I sat up, picked up the notebook next to me and wrote my affirmations..ย 

last night on our family Whatsapp group, my sister had sent a nice video a super talented kid dancing a showing his love to his mum. When I watched it, it reminded of my mum.. and my sister is a mum too.. so there was in the group my dad and brother singing a song for my sister being a mum.. then I wanted to remind them all our mums.. so I sent my Dad’s mum’s pic on the group.. and thanked my mum too.. My dad probably woke up to looking at his mum’s pic.. that was my intention… I am sure he loved it. so I had checked my phone if my dad has checked his phone..ย 

He did.. !

he also reminded me of a letter template he asked me to make..ย 

about 4:10, I sat on the chair covering a Brazilian rug gifted by mate Jason and put the headphones on and I meditated on Michael Seales’s guided meditation of Centered Happiness..ย 

Then later, got ready and got work nice and sharp.. I had dressed up something like this today..ย 

Work was great..during the day, I had listened to an hours of Bloomberg news, there was some CEO’s interview I attracted today, he was great.. I forgot who that was, apparently, he was a billionaire in real estate in US.. then I on Youtube, I put the key word, Tony Robins productivity.. and the video came up was the Tony Robins Podcast interviewing Charles Duhigg, the author of โ€œThe Power of Habit,โ€ and the novel, โ€œSmarter Better Faster.โ€.. the pod cast was so incredible value i learned that I felt like listening to it again..ย 

Got home on my way through the supermarket and then took a 10 minutes nap and got ready for swim.. Left the pool at 18:52 PM.. made a sandwich for dinner..then sat down on my desk working..ย 

3 x things I am grateful for today.ย 

– I am grateful for finding this guy in Venezuela whom I outsourced my video for subtitles.. and he said there they had a power cut for 36 hours.. buy giving him work i am grateful to be helping him build himself, economy and everything..ย 

– I am grateful for George Ezra, his songs just on my radia.,ย  Give me a minute to hold my girl, George Ezra.ย 

– I am grateful for my gym bag. It carries everything nice and easy..ย 

3 x happy moments of my dayย 

– I felt happy and grateful as I woke up to an applicant in my business.. I have congratulated him during the day… Business is growing and growing..ย 

– I felt happy and grateful while walking home from work and said to myself.. the shoe’ feels so comfortable and I can keep walking looking at the trees for ever..ย 

– I felt happy and grateful earlier when my brother sent a word doc with a template letter that my dad, brother and I have been working on and it looks very great..ย 

3 x things I need to do that will take me a step closer to my destination.ย 

– Ash update landing pageย 

– Ash write landing page video script

– Ash publish video 94..ย 

1 x Act of kindness today.ย 

– I passed candy the girl next to me bought by another friend from Srilanka.ย 

How are you doing? Did you have a good day? Write a comment if you can..ย 

*********************************************************************************************************************************ย  The only thing that I want to introduce you to, is the educational system below! My life has been transformed by this and I want you to have it too.. Together we can work towards our value to the world. ย Take care, Ash ๐Ÿ™‚ย  My YouTube, My Website


3 x things I am grateful for todayย 

– I am grateful for meeting Greg and Fiona

– I am grateful for the SFM

– I am grateful for my gym being so close to where I live..ย 

1 x little wish of my dayย 

– What would it take for me and for you to be able to travel and have a wonderful luxuries life with our special one and everything the way of that, I would like to uncreate it, delete it, de story it across all time, dimensions space and reality.ย 

Take care until next time,ย 

Ash Khaleemย