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🌈 536 – Tue 14 Sep 23:48 2021


Woke up early.. I was feeling great. meditated 15 min.. then got ready and went to gym It was pouring like crazy today all day mostly.. nice took a brolly to the gym. wore a denim sleeveless hood and rain jacket on the top was feeling confident and great. Got to gym had a really good workout.

Did 3 x pull-ups and then dips on the machine, then main workout upper body, Seated Dumbell Press, Rear delt flyes, Leg Extensions, Dubbbell v ups and then a shoulders and abs drop set on the machine quick one by the door.. Got out sharp.. It was raining.. I love rain. I really love rain.

Logged in work.. 7:30 AM.. What would it take all the issues I’m having with my internet to be removed and everything in the way of that, I would like to uncreate it, delete it, de story it across all time dimensions space and reality.

The huddle meeting went great. Then after some time, I went into the office bkz internet was being funny.. but there must be a reason for it not working and for my walking the rain and when I got there .. I did say, you’re looking beautiful to my friend Axxxxx in the reception, I thought she looked nice maybe it cheered her up.. that could be one of the reasons.. work finished so nicely and smoothly while I was there, finished all good and left work around 4:15.. was feeling good.

Went to supermarket Tesco on my way home at the kennington lane .. got home. got ready and went for swim at the Vauxhall leisure centre, then made dinner and ate. 9pm LL messaged, giving me notice to find a new place as he will be selling the house..

3 things I’m grateful for

Allaha thank you my parents

Allah thank you for my bed

Allaha thank you for the sleep which is coming.

what would it take for me to find a flat, that is more comfortable, more central and more luxurious then my current flat and pay even lesser than that.. and everything in the way of that, please get deleted across all time dimensions space and reality.

Night, sleep well. Ash .. I love you!