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🌈 535 – Sun 12 Sep 21:29 2021


Friday evening… logged off work nice and easy. I was feeling good. “What would it take for everything to be just fine.. ” “What would it for me and for you to login work tomorrow really sharp!”. ?

Took a nap and then I was chilling on Friday evening, then Jxxx messaged he came to see me a bit later around midnight. “What would it take for me to be able to say no next time?”

Saturday, in the morning, woke up early. last night around 8 pm, NHS had messaged asking, the Covid booster is available, book an appointment, then I quickly booked for Saturday morning at 10:00.. Montgomery Hall, Kennington.. got there nice and easy, there was a big queue and then I had my vaccine done the 3rd booster and I had wait 15 min sit there after the vaccine so the people feel okay. everyone has to sit in a big room.

I’m ever so grateful for NHS for arranging that. THANK YOU!

I did feel ok, I didn’t feel anything at all on my first dose. I felt literally nothing on my second dose as well.. but on the 3rd dose, my Arm ached in the evening and then I rested extra, and then I woke up ate and then I rested more then I felt okay.. I got ready and went to the WEE party afterward on Saturday evening at the Brixton, the party was all right. Went with this mate Axx and his friend. The party was okay. I got out of the Brixton station, my mate’s mate was standing there and my mate had already sent me his pic so I knew how he looked, so I went and said Hi, we started talking, he was from Israel, and my mate is an Arab and they were speaking in Arabic which I do not understand, even though I read and write, so they were sticking together.. I don’t know again why I said yes tbh! What would it take for me to say no next time.. what was I thinking! walked back home from Brixton around 4:30 AM Sunday morning.. Had a wank and went to bed..

Woke up at 9:30 AM .. It became Sunday. I was feeling good. No hangover nothing, I was feeling really great and slept well. Sunday my niece went to attend the medical entrance, sister was asking in WhatsApp the group to all of us to pray so I sat and mediated for a little bit. then around mid day sent in the case studies of the level 3 ITIL course that I had finished doing during the week, all submitted to this tutor who thinks that he’s teaching me a lesson. Bless him!

So happy that I have submitted all the course work., then took a nap around 5:30 pm for 30 min, slept very well. Woke up nice and then made dinner, eggs, rice, tuna, yogurt ate watching Netflix..

3 thing I’m grateful for today

  • for having a great weekend.
  • for existence of candles
  • for the existence of the music.

what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times energetic and stronger tomorrow and have a relaxing yet productive Monday tomorrow? Nghit! Ash!