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🌈 527 – Thu 26 Aug 23:56 2021


Work up early, went into work today after a long time. Working from the home norm now since the lockdown so far. and I was nice to go to the office.. my dear friend Oxxxxx at the reception was on the other side of the glass put her hands up on the glass and kissed the glass-like see want to kiss me kissing the glass I said, I love you Oxxxxx..

I couldn’t find finance that I was supposed to be sitting in so I walked around all the building looking for the floor and guys said go to the front of the building and it’s up there and they were alright so it was fun, there must be a reason why I was made to walk.

The day went smooth.. just working. Went to Tesco after work, there was not a lot of chicken. There is a shortage of chicken in London due to no staff at the due to shortage of truck drivers and shortage of food. Last year due to covid they were not managed as they would have normally be so the cycle of birthing, eating, laying and then becoming food didn’t happen because the rest of the world was dealing with the Corona.. God wanted to give the Chicken a break. Bless them!

Got home from the supermarket, I just got home and mother phoned.. spoke to her for a little while and made dinner and ate watching Downton on Netflix.

after 10 pm, brushing my teeth was leaning over the washing machine and I caught one thought come to me at that time taking me back to when I was probably 14.. sister stood next to me one day when I was washing my face and she said.. hmm… you dropped a bit water around but it’s alright .. that day I said with conviction, I will get used to it.

3 things I feel grateful for today

  • for fire.
  • For radio
  • for parents

what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times happier, healthier and richer tomorrow? night! chiow chiow! Ash