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🌈 514 – Tue 10 Aug 23:47 2021


Woke up early.. around 6:30.. mediated for 15 min then ate nuts and got ready and went to the gym.. did 3 sets x pull-ups and 1 x set of dips on the machine and then main work, the gym was a little busy today. I did Dumbbell bench press inclines, and then a shoulder press on the machine, standing dumbbell lateral raises and a set of Abs on the machine on my way out. 30 to 45 min spent at the gym only.

Logged on sharp at work from home.. back at my desk from the gym. the day went smooth, 23 degrees Sunny outside. Warwickshire was playing in the Oval cricket ground next door.. Work was cool.

Around 13:00 took a 7 min nap.. 13:30 PM Swim session booked a the Vauxhall leisure center. Got there nice and easy did few laps of Front crawls, backstroke and breaststrokes. “What would it take for me to do some butterfly tomorrow?”.

Got back home and back at my desk around 14:07.. rest of the afternoon work went smooth. logged off work around 17:10 PM.. then doing this and that and took another nap at 17:20 for 15 min and then got ready to Base studios class 6 to 7 pm. went well.. walked back home around 7:15 via Vauxhall bridge by the RVT.. the weather was nice everybody seemed to be outside. Got home made Lamb dinner ate watching Netflix. The Day Went Cool!

3 x things I’m grateful for today

  • Grateful for all things being around me so accessible.
  • Grateful for having access to unlimited vegetable and fruits always around.
  • Grateful for the existence of the sand.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, energetic, healthier, richer and happier tomorrow and have a wonderful easy smooth relaxed yet productive day and all mind negative patters blocking this to happen smoothly please get deleted now across all time dimensions space and reality.

Things are not hopeless or crazy. It’s how you see the world.

Night good luck, Ash x

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