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🌈 512 – Fri 06 Aug 23:59 2021

Woke up early Sun was bright inside the room.. messaged in the family group. Assalam alaikum Good Morning H.Friday 🤲🏻 .. meditated 15 min.. went to gym, did 3 x pull ups, dips bodyweight, Barbell deadlifts, Barbell squats, seated calf raises .. 40 min.

8 AM, logged in work sharp.. working from home. wore a white t-shirt and grey jeans during the day. 10 AM huddle went well.. work went smooth. Lunch time 13:20 Swim booked at the vauxhall leisure centre, got there nice and easy, only me in the lane, did front crawls, backstroke and backstrokes. Swam until I felt enough and got back home sharp to sit at my desk.

Offered Friday Zohar prayer around 14:30.. Read Yasin Sharif and then a rukoo of the Quaran. Rest of the afternoon work went smooth. 16:30 logged off work.. then took a nap,. 30 min … went to kitchen and was making dinner Dear Sister phoned, been a while we didn’t catch up, was so happy we spoke for over an hour. Neice and nephew were byhearting the periodic table.

3 thing I’m grateful for

  • for having weekend tomorrow and day after
  • for family
  • for existing of electricity

what would it take for me to and for you to experience something really cool this weekend. x Night! Ash