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🌈 508 – Mon 02 Aug 23:55 2021


My steak is getting cooked on the stove right now. Have only recently started getting comfortable with semi cooked beef steak. It’s great. I feel growth after I eat every time beef is good for building.

Woke up 7:45.. logged in work.. Monday today I was off the entire last week.. back to work was smooth. Had a lot of emails to catch up. 11:30 mother messaged, dad and herself returned back home visiting grandparents and our old family house. I was happy of their safe return.

Went to gym lunch time. Did 4 x sets of pulls ups and dips body weight and then for main workout, Lat pulldowns, Reverse grip cable row, One arm dumbbell row.. got back home sharp. Rest of the afternoon went smooth.. Logged off work around 5:30..

Cricket match was on next door ground at the oval cricket ground Northamptonshire Vs Surrey was very live in the area lot of people walking around lights were on so the day was very bright.

18:06 sharp took a nap listening to youtube hypnotise for self belief meditation fell a sleep nice for 30 min.. 19:00 something got ready and went to Run.. Ran over Vauxhall bridge, Lambeth bridge then Westminster bridge cross over back home to Oval. The match was still on.. I love the commotion, cheering and echoing.

20:15 made dinner.. lentils, rice, eggs, onions, tomatoes, apple, 2 x cans of Tuna, 2 x Steak’s half of spaghetti.. ( all of these through out the day) .. ate watching Netflix how to stage a coup lol.. very interesting it was learning about Alexander, Caesar..

Match finished around 9:30 people started leaving the cricket ground I stood and then sat on my balcony watching them then it started raining everybody started running and I came back in side and I forgot to bright the seat of my balcony chair it got wet.. but was funny when it starts raining everyone started running.

Then 22:30 back at my desk doing some more work updating all the article.. then I made another steak eating with soya milk..

Rest of the human world today as of 4 am this morning, fully vaccinated arrivals from the United States and the 27 Eu countries are no longer required to quarantine. Well done guys! a few more days and we can all be free.. Wake up today and do something that will make the better tomorrow.

3 things I’m grateful for today

  • for all the food I have consumed today.
  • for the weather being good these days
  • for my shoes.

what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger energetic richer and happier tomorrow and have a relaxing yet productive day all day and then all week.

Good night good luck, Ash x