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🌈 502 – Sun 25 Jul 23:33 2021


Woke up 7:30.. I have Covid exam today at 10:30 AM at the Clapham Natural school of therapies for the required of the completion of the course. As soon as I woke up I started to get ready for that.. I put my headphones on and had the audible book through the eyes of the truth book on and ate a can of Tuna.. then mediated 15 min.. on guided meditations changing beliefs of Joe Dispenza and then had a quick shower at another can of Tuna and then wen to take the tube at the Oval tube station around 09:55. got there nice and easy Clapham just 2 stops in the train from the Oval, Stockwell and then Vauxhall.

Got there nice and early 10 minutes before the exam, I took the round metal stairs to go upstairs on the 2nd floor, the test was easy just general questions.. Heatlh and safety and how to avoid covid and what the measures are for individual responsibility etc. I finished it but I didn’t go downstairs, sat until almost the end of the time.. and we all walked up to Clapham Norths bridge bar, I bid farewell for the last time to all the classmates. As soon as we got to the Bridge bar all my classmates as if they are not going to find another place, they all packed and sat on one bence like 10 or 12 people squeezed in sitting, I didn’t want to sit in there and one of them asked me Ash are you gonna have coffee. I reluctantly said, yeah maybe. but I didnt’ want to sit on one bench with all of them so I said ok, I’m gonna go now..

one of them stood who was in the corner who know that her place is not going to be lost if she stands up, we hugged and bid a final farewell bye wave to the rest of them and then walked back home from Clapham to Oval It was only 11:30 something, the exam started at 10:30, 11:00 it finished and then I started walking back home.. It already looked like a long day but it’s only 11.. I was gonna go and meet my mate Txxx, he had moved to a new place which is like in Beckton. I looked up on the maps and It was so far so I said to him, not I won’t come far. Can you meet me in town or central. He said yes there is direct train from there to Charrigcross and I will meet you at 7pm.. ok, cool I said, he said he will txt me before leaving.. I was happy.

I had rest of the aftnoon for myself from like mid day until 18:300 until my mate messages that he’s leaving home.. But around 17:30 he phoned saying, it’s pouring here.. I don’t know if I will come. It’s not just raining.. I said to him, yes, lol.. earlier I heard loud noise than usually when it rains and I opened my main door at the Oval and it was raining like anything. I remember telling myself, I have never seen this heavy rain in England before all these years.. lol. then my mate phoned saying the same thing he’s never seen the rain like this..

It was a hot day yesterday and even this morning when I walked back, not very sunny but stuff warm day sun inside the sky and the from mid day it started pouring like crazy. We had a brief chat on the phone what we were going to discuss when we get to go in town. both of us stayed in and I was home the rest of the evening. Did not feel like posting anything as Instagram or twitter or any stores. just wanted to stay peacefully and have the evening for myself..

3 thing grateful for today

Grateful for work

grateful for family

grateful for the my swim being close to where I live.. x

what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, energetic and go and have a good workout tomorrow in the morning and then have a relaxing yet productive day and everything in the way of that I would like to uncrate it, delete it, de story it across all time dimension space and reality.

Night! Ash!

These are only 2 words but will change your life if you say them over and over and over again.. Say Thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you thank you thankyou!!!! say it! thank you!!!!!