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Monday 14 January 2019

Another great day…

I woke up at 7:20 am, last night I slept at 05:30 AM. At 8’o clock, I went to a friends place to a chill out, I haven’t done any in all of 2018..  I am just thinking back about yesterday and It’s pretty educational… I just followed the instincts.

I got home about 12, then I went to another place.. home at 04:40, and slept at 5:30.. Don’t ask me details..

It was great…

Got to work a little tired but I usually sleep from 11:30 to 4:30am and I take a 20 min nap at around 6.. so I am used to less sleep but still active..

Work was great this morning, made Rose laugh a couple times.. she got me a tea.. I went around to show Jyo Dalia Lama’s Tweet about compassion. Thats all the human conversation I had at my work today.. and generally in my whole day.. lol

At 4:15 PM, on my way home from work, my flatmate came to collect the keys.. I am happy that he got the place.. He is happy and I am happy!

Got home, 4:15 pm, I ate a little bowl of Indian mixture my mother gave me.. then sat straight onto my laptop, because, I didn’t complete my tasks that I set out for myself for this weekend.. 2 were left out.. and I was partying last night. But I am glad I didn’t feel any guilt at all today. Literally nothing.. I was happy and grateful for the experience.

Finished writing email to SFM compliance, had a chat with voice chat with Rich from SFM, then I took a nap for 35 minutes with Michael Sealey, Hypnotise – Law of Attraction Youtube on my headphones..  and I slept peacefully for 35 minutes.. Wokeup fresh, wokeup with an Hindi song somehow..  Then I made my dinner and food for tomorrow breakfast.. And cleaned the kitchen and bunch of places in the flat.. My new flatmate is moving in tomorrow.. I want to give him a clean one.. I made Upma for my dinner and breakfast and my special chicken and pepper juice (I know it sounds gross)..

I watched The Good Place on Netflix while I ate for 20 minutes.. It was funny and interesting but I had to turn it off.. then I did my Content Marketing Certification Test..   For the 3rd time!   Better luck next time to me.. I’ll keep going..    

10 pm, I started writing todays diary.. It’s 22:56 now, 3 more minutes.. I will set down to meditate.. 15 minutes of Tazvi and 15 minutes of writing Affirmations..

3 x things that I am grateful for today

-I am grateful for the realization that I recently had – I live on an Island now;-) England 😉 I never expected that I would be I am from a little town cal’d Suryapet from India and I live on an Island now. Yay!!!  I always thought the Islands were cute..

-I am grateful for the great experience I had at the chillouts yesterday. I would like to acknowledge my emotions and feeling which implied me to have an unusual night but I am grateful with the way it went.. Thank you! Please.. Next time, I would be grateful if you could please let me decide and plan so right now I would like to concentrate on my business. Thank you for you..

I am grateful for the experience that I am able to listen to this wonderful book that I started on Audible “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”..  I am grateful for being able to hear voice. I am grateful for the technology, I am grateful for being aligned to listen to that. Grateful for everything..

3 x Happy Moments of my day

-I felt so happy and laughed when Rose cracked at work with that little joke..
-I laughed this afternoon while I was walking back home for lunch, when the audio book gave a good insight on something.. I remember, having a little happy feeling at that time, because I was already doing that.
-I felt happy, just now, when I started to think when did l laugh today… and I remembered I am going shopping tomorrow evening, I got a £200 Christmas gift card from a generous friend so I want to buy some new clothes. Excited! Yay!!


3 x things I need to do next that will take me closer to my destination

– watch Dan halloways webinar
– Start Google Analytics training
– Shoot a video.. 



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