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🌈 497 – Tue 20 Jul 23:56 2021


Woke up to the alarm at 6 AM.. Sun was coming inside the window. It was bright and very beautiful. I remembered I was planning to go and attend the Eid prayer in the mosques. So I decided to get up from the bed and I had one hour to get ready, went to kitchen on my way to kitchen my office roo is on the left, My flatmate had gone inside and left a box of chocolates with a note saying, Happy Eid Ash, love Nxxxxx I ate a can a tuna and started getting ready. Today is Eid day biches..! so I showed at 6:30 wore a cream coloured white cotton top and sky blue jeans and I wore a Muslim hat the little round white one and red socks and red trainers.. and I carried the Jaanimaaz the mat the Alladin looking one, in my arm and walked up to the Oval tube station from home, to take Northerner line to go to Elephant and castle on my way on the 2nd bus stop from home to the station, I saw a lady sitting in the bus stop wearing the black burqha.. I left home around 07:05.. she was out early too.. she saw me and I saw her and then when I went a bit closer I said, Assalam walakum and she answered Walakum Assalam.. she was elder lady, I thought It was such a nice thing to see early in the morning on the Eid day somebody motherly looking sitting an watching me pass by going to the mosques,. I did miss mother at the time, as soon as I got to the mosque I missed Father and brother sitting around me.

Anyway, went to the mosque after many years, last time when I visited my parents before Covid couple years ago. 7:35 I think the Jamath started and I was glad I went there was this little kid running around me while prayer but was fun the father apologized after the prayer but I didn’t mind. I was glad I was next to him tbh, most of us had masks on all the times in the mosque. this little kid didn’t have it.

got home, on my way home, first phoned Father and then phoned mother, then brother and then sister but she didn’t answer and I messaged her, I will speak to bro in law so get him on the phone at some point etc she said he’s out..

Got home, on my way home, I popped into the tesco and bought some breakfast for my flatmate because today was his birthday and he was happy that I acknowledged it. tbh the box of chocolates he left me for the Eid was a bit touching so I wanted to do something nice later I also gave him bottle of fizzy I had in the fridge, I think he shared it with his friend the girl who came to visit him later.

I’m sweating just now,. it’s so hot today. Hottest day 33 degrees in London today so so hot. Got home from the prayer around 8:25 am, logged in work and messaged in the group chat, Morning guys! Eid Mubarak anyone celebrating x. many of them liked and that started the chain or Eid Mubark, happy eid etc..

13:00 lunch break, 13:10 swim booked at the Vauxhall leisure centre got here around 13:20 swam until 13:45 and got back to desk nice and easy. The rest of the afternoon went smooth.

16:20 something I had this guy came from closer to Heathrow traveling in the train long way all the way to get massage from me I was gonna practise the level 3 sports massage that I had been pursuing. he came and left around 17:45 I quicky got ready afterwards and went to attend class at the base studios for 1 hour it went well. It was so hot and stuffy so I opened the exit door and left it open.. usually in UK people are really funny with the fire doors, exit only doors etc which they keep always closed and no obstructions etc. When I opened the door everybody appreciated it.

As soon as I stepped outside the class it was raining outside. Have no idea how rain can come at that time.. It was such a hot day and It it was still sunny and It randomly started raining..

I looked right by the river embankment on the bench this couple was sitting with brolleys.. I thought it was so funny, such hot day how they were carrying brolleys with them..

3 things I’m grateful for today

  • for the rain
  • for parents
  • for my flat.
  • what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, energetic, happier and richer tomorrow and have relaxing. yet productive day tomorrow and everything in the way of that please all patterns get deleted now!
  • Night! Ash