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🌈 493 – Tue 13 Jul 23:50 2021


Woke up at 7:40.. logged in to work sharp at 8.. meditated for 15 min.. breakfast at 10 am huddle meeting and then another training at 10:30 and then 12:00 another meeting.. ugh!

13:00 sharp lunch break. 13:30 went swimming Vauxhall leisure center. 14:10.. back home to the desk. The rest of the afternoon work went cool..

16:00 pm logged off work. 16:45 took a nap 20 min and then 5 more min.. got ready and went to the gym but realized I had booked fitness class at the base studio Tuesday so from Oval station to walked up to Albert’s embankment the session started at 6 and finished at 7.. was a good day.. got homemade dinner and watching something on Netflix then started packing the box that I was planning to send to my niece and nephew.. wrapped some of the gifts.

Yesterday I had created Amazon. Saudi account, requested documents again to verify, I have just re-uploaded them.

during the day had first listened to 2 hours of audiobook Through the eyes of the truth, then twice Surah Kahf fast on Youtube, then Parah 30 fast recition then moved to listening to the Peter Thiel’s book Zero to one and then finished that book listening and started Knocking on Heavens door book by Lisa Radall.. Interesting day.. after dinner 8:30 sat on the grinder for sometime wasted a little time doing this and that and then had a wank, then started wrapping some more gifts and then realised it’s close to midnight..

Good night! good night and fade the parting rays of light..

3 things I’m grateful for todayΒ 

– grateful for the pencils.Β 

– grateful for water.Β 

– grateful the telephones.Β 

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, muscular, leaner, richer, happier and wake up early tomorrow and go and have a good workout before work and then have a good easy relaxing yet productive day tomorrow and everything agains’t that all mind patterns please get deleted now! night xΒ