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🌈 487 – Sun 4 Jul 23:50 2021


Woke up to alarm at 8:00 AM sharp.. went to bed at 4:30 am this morning. Last night around 01:30 AM, my landlord messaged saying he’s going to be in the area in Oval tomorrow morning and he will come and visit the flat. I said I have college from 9 to 4 tomorrow, I can do before or after, he said, I will come before 8 am tomorrow. I said, okay!

Since my flatmates had moved out due to Covid changed many lives, I had moved my work desk to the empty room, after the LL’s message, I had to move all the things back to my room just not to keep things mitigated.. I had messaged my only flatmate last night asking what he was doing and if he could give me hand with the kitchen plants. he didn’t respond to it moved the things around me thinking I would probably wake up today with the doorbell ringing.

as soon as I woke up I checked my phone and there was 1 min ago a message from LL saying he stuck with some delivery and can’t make it, I said, I’m home until 08:45 if he wishes to come until then.. then my flatmate woke up, I had to tell him the reason why the changes have made in the house and also told him to attend LL if he comes later and I said, I will be out today going to the class.. He said, ok.. I probably will be out for lunch, what time you’re coming back and when is he coming? I had a chuckle on my face.. He said, why are you laughing?

I said, no, nothing.. you want to know what time I’m coming back. I won’t be back until 4.. I’ll be out until then, I’m not sure if he will come.. see you later darling, stay safe and I left home at 09:14 AM to Clapham walked up to Oval tube station took the Northern line going South only 2 stops, after Oval, it’s Stockwell and Clapham north, I had been doing ITIL level 3 Sports Massage theory from the School of Natural therapies Clapham, today’s sensing was the revision session before the exam..

I left home and I got to Clapham at 09:25 sharp at Clapham north I probably took 6 or 7 min to walk from station to the class., I was sharp on time.. class was cool, I had partnered with a Brazilian dude I went and sat next to him said hello. Until 11:30 the tutor spoke this and that and 11:30 we were supposed to start the practical perform message practice on one another, and this other guy, who was late so he’s partner was alone and he just pushed me away and started talking to my partner the Brazilian guy and took him from me and started practicing the message with him. I was like.. whatever! If you that keen to do it, go ahead. I just walked around the class looking at others asking questions observing.

The latecomer guy arrived around 11:20 so soon as he arrived, I had specimen to practice.. I did the massage on him he’s Canadian but asian roots I think I did the massage on him and got the feedback do it slowly and use all the tools you we had learned the techniques. I think I only had used 2 or 3 tbh.

12:30 afternoon, I went to lunch sat in front the bridge bar Clapham and the girl said she’ll come and get my order in a minute. I just sat there waiting and my class mate Pxxxxxx walked pass and asked me If I had already order and I said, I’m waiting still. He said, let’s go this little place around we can get a sandwich there, I had my headphones on tbh, I didn’t hear what he was talking tbh I only heard sandwich and I said. yeah let’s go. and we walked across the street and got a sandwich there.

We sat down talking I had a goat cheese sandwich with sun dried tomoatos, a layer of Turkey and the big piece of chicken in between the 2 beads was a big one with a cup of Americano coffee. We sat talking our lives in London, about family, friends, people, work, school, life, home.. Life doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger.!

I got a brownie on my way to the class and he got a coffee and we walked back to the class the rest of the afternoon was just 2 more mock multiple choice questions and answers and discussing the answers. I couldn’t wait for 4 pm to arrive and me leaving the class. It was interested but I don’t think my heart it entirely in it.

People, what is your greatest joy?

Left the class around 3:45 with my classmate Pxx and we walked up to the Northern line Clapham tube station and I came to Oval and I think my mate lives in Bermondsey got home 16:10 or 15.. My flatmate was home, he came to the kitchen to make tea and I told him how was your day? What you do? he said he just chilled and went out around lunch.. I don’t think he left, because the bin was full.. I said to him, you should be able to do everything you want to even If I’m home or not.. we are just only 2 in the flat and I had feeling for many days he’s I felt like he was being nosy and waiting for me to leave home.. I confronted it to him. I told him, I want you to be happy, If you want to bring someone please do.. Have fun, I like it when you’re home, don’t wait for me to go out.. It’s nice to have some one home instead being alone in this big flat, I had to tell him that the cleaner guy who came and knocked the door around 2 am at night one day last summer I was a bit freaked since then tbh, I shouldn’t have said that but tbh it came out at that time I have no regrets of whats word have come out in the past, I’m sure they must learn something from it. I don’t know what happened there but it’s out now. I send my blessing to the implications it is going to come back as an effect. WeΒ were born to be real. Not to be perfect.

4:20, rung dad. he must have been waiting I had messaged hin earlier saying, I have class today and I will ring you in my lunch time but I went to eat with my mate. I was glad I was able to clear that, bkz I had invited him come over a few weeks ago for a massage practice and then I had client so I had to cancel on him I really needed that Β£300 that I made that day.

Dad’s said he was visiting sisters, who moved into a new place. they are preparing for brothers wedding and all is okay back home.

3 things I’m grateful for today

  • I’m grateful for having this beautiful flat that live in for the past 7 years.
  • for London trains being so efficient
  • Grateful for the inversion of the traffic lights.

What would it take for me and for you to experience something really cool this week?

Peace and love. Qxxxxx


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