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🌈 479 – Tue 22 Jun 23:55 2021


Woke up 6:00.. It had been raining. It felt so cold. I needed to get another blanket on and went back to bed otherwise had the alarm on to go to gym. “What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times energetic tomorrow and be organised and be able to make it to the gym early morning and all the mind patterns otherside making this happen smoothly please get deleted now.”

Logged in work sharp at 8.. Work was cool.. I got ready to go swimming at lunch time, it was raining and I had my swim slot booked for 2:30 pm but I was gonna go and try my luck as it is raining and somebody didn’t turn up and I can have their booked pool time for myself in my lunch time but sharp at 13:11 I asked myself, do I really want to feel like swimming now. what does my body need. It said. Rest.. Sleep. rest recover.. I took the advise and covered the blinds and took a nap at lunchtime..

Rest of the afternoon went smooth as soon as I finished work I needed to go up to Paddington for some work at St Mary’s. from home I walked up to Vauxhall tube station fro there Victoria line to Oxford street and then from Oxford street interchange Bakerloo linked going towards south Queen’s Park.. got off Paddington. quiet a lot of people were there underground.

Paddingon I got subway sandwich and walked up to Little Venice canal. afternoon the rain had stopped and it was getting dry and I started walking down the little Venice for a place to sit down like a bench and I don’t think lot of people sit around there and there were not a lot of benches etc across the river.

I found one boat which had sale on the window and still kept walking and being the board the window glass was broken so I was sure no one lives there otherwise people kinda permanatly live in those boats on that Little Venice. It’s different to Regant’s Canal in East London., In Regent’s canal all those boats are just parked there.

I sat up the boat and started eating my sandwich and lot of people walked past on my right and slowing down and someof them coming too close my boat to check me out and thinking oh so nice he’s sitting up there and eating. nice enjoy yourself..

And then towards my left, right side was the pavement people walking down the Canal and left to me was the Canal all birds paddling past. A huge swan came and I get her a piece of black olive and she ate. and I get her a piece of pepper from my subway sandwich and she ate and I gave her a piece of bread and she ate ..everything she ate.. but she paddle past. didn’t stay. Then there came 3 Swans together and only one of them ate for some reason. One of them it kinda smelled and went close to food but didn’t take it. It was being picky. I fed the same things to the first Swan and it ate all.

Then a boat came with probably first or second date couple.. The guy was paddling the boat and she was sitting quiet and shy.. I was eating and feeding those birds and didn’t see them until them came too close to my boat then I raised my hand while they paddled the guy said hey and he was saying something to her talking the girl on the boat was beautiful and she couldn’t take the eyes off me.. I didn’t want to embarrass of look at her or the boyfriend on the date paddling here and I kept feeding the bird.. she turned around so many times look at me feeding the birds I was like oh god oh god! you’re bf will watch you.. she totally belongs to someone like me but not me I was just tresspassing on a boat that I found on a sale on little venice I sat up there eating my sandwich and feeding birds.. she would probably enjoy doing something like that then listen to him talk. I think eventually she will say yes to him.. he looked nice too.

5:30 pm took the train back home to Vauxhall.. 6:00 Mark J moves at Base studio was booked so I went to do the class.. It finished at 7 pm from there I went to Tesco supermarket Kennington.. didn’t feel like going but I ate my flatmates 2 x can’s of Tuna so I needed to return them..

3 thing Im grateful for today

  • for such a wonderful day
  • for the sofa I’m sitting on
  • for ‘letters” existing in our human existence.