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🌈 475 – Sun 13 Jun 23:51 2021


Day and day day and day I sat down every night and published the article but didn’t type anything. All I know is all I have to do is present myself.

Yes here! Hee I am .. giving my presence to the service.. What can I really do for you? Dear God!?

Woke up 8:10 AM .. slept around 2:30 last night, had been working unit then, work up felt good this morning, but all thoughts were thinking about my flat stuff, the landlord had emailed over the weekend that he’s increasing the rent and I needed to respond to his email. i was thinking of and I had realised, I was running late the class at Clapham north.

I quickly got ready and left home at 09:14 AM waking to Oval tube station, I walked for 4 min to tube station. then at 09:21 I took the Northern line going south next stop Stockwell and then Clapham north my destination so I got off at Clapham north at 09:24 AM and walked up to my class the school of natural therapies in Clapham north start around 09:29 etc..

09:14 to 09:29 – 15 min to destination. Thanks to TFL transport to London and train effeciecy.

Rest of the day.. It was so hot day today sitting in the class.. At lunchtime I walked up to Clapham park and walked back. park was full it was 26 degrees sun beautiful outside..

Got home around 4:30. took a nap. Dad had messaged around 17:30 good night message in the group. around 6:30 a mate lives around swung by for half hour he was teaching me some Portuguese words.. “Take it = Pegue” in Portuguese.

then around 8:30 pm I made a huge bowl of soup ate but something else for dinner watching 3 idiots on Netfilx only watched for little bit..

3 x thing I’m grateful for

for parents

for the chair I’m sitting on

for the oxygen existing on the planet.

what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times energetic, bigger healthier, active, and richer tomorrow and have a relaxing yet productive Monday and then easy and relaxed week the rest of the week and all patterns in the mind that’s blocking all the smooth transition for the above things to happen please get deleted now from mind patterms time and space.