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🌈 463 – Fri 21 May 23:33 2021


Woke up at 7:30.. logged on sharp at work at 8:00 am.. a lawyer Indian Sikh friend was around last night talking so went to bed late. Friday so happy. Said happy Friday on Instagram. The Sun was not out. It was cold, grim, grey, and trained most of the day today but still was beautiful.

Around 9:30 I had realized I should have watched some video before attending 10:30 training.. somehow quickly fast-forwarded it and managed to watch.

Midday was still working trying to finish some work.

13:15 break for lunch. I wanted to go for a run but it was raining like crazy I had a shower and offered Friday prayer.. was good.

Sat back at my desk sharp at 2:00 pm.. logged of 16:30.. was resting and doing this and that, 16:55 my drive mate had messaged, was gonna go for a drive. I said I’m coming and ran downstairs it’s still raining.. we drove around Clapham north and all around areas were beautiful. The city was quiet today there were not a lot of people outside.

19:15 got home.. 19:30 took a 30 min nap felt so good after waking up then made dinner watching the king on Netflix.. now just sitting in the living room that I just tidied. tomorrow I have some family coming for tea. Ms Sxxxxx is coming and a few friend.. have been looking forward..

Spain has removed all the restrictions to the UK from today since the last march for Covid, hopefully, should be able to take a small break in Spain.

What would it take for me and for you to get to go on a luxury holiday to entire Spain now? and all mind patterns that are blocking that to happen please get deleted across all time dimensions space and reality

3 things I’m grateful for

  • my flat in Vauxhall
  • for my parents
  • for this little radio I bought in curry’s I think like about 10 years ago It never stopped playing.




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