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🌈 459 – Tue 11 May 23:34 2021


Woke up 7:30.. 28th day of the fast has gone well. I was hoping tomorrow will be Eid but apparently, it’s not. Mother phoned around 16:30 pm It will be tomorrow, but brother confirmed around 20:30.. It won’t be tomorrow.

I have to go into the office tomorrow.

8 am logged in work sharp. Work was a bit busy today. mediated 15 min right after logging off work in the evening around 16:30 I think.

Lunchtime 13:15 went for walk around Vauxhall bridge, Lambeth bridge, and back home to Oval. It was beautiful outside. quiet mild.. Many of them with just with t-shirts I woke a jacket but I was sweaty on my way back home.

Today in 14 months the UK recorded no deaths of Covid.. It’s celebrated it’s a milestone.. Well done guys! we made it!! It’s the countries team effort.

18;30 took nap until 20:15..

20:38 Iftar.. breaking of the fast. ate 2 cans of tuna, chicken, rice, yogurt, grapes, dates, almonds, brown peas, 2 x coffees, water, a few tomatoes..

Around 22:40 I blocked the time to work on something but I got carried away looking at London luxury flats in Vauxhall and checking the mortgage calculates and flats.. I got carried away and didn’t do any work and next time I looked at the time I lost about 40 minutes..

“Don’t worry about appearing silly. Don’t worry about sounding funny. Don’t be afraid of criticism. The only way to avoid failure is to do nothing, be nothing.”

I was sitting in the kitchen earlier and I researched those flats then I came to sit in the bed room this time to work and still. and then .. after a little bit I started researching about skateboard clubs in London and weekend classes and again time flew..

03:18 AM waiting for Sehr.. Mother and father both messaged earlier. did sent pic of them both saying good morning they are 5 hours ahead of my time.

In the news today people from Scotland are able to hug from the Scottish govt said people can hug one another from today the the covid restrictions have eased. so funny I thought.

and in London they are trying out no mask policy in a concert in O2 to see if there will be any change or increase in the virus etc but all virus is contained atm hopefully this governments events research programme will work.

India. people we all need to send blessings towards India right now.. the death rate is too high they are having to through the body in the river. It’s unbelievable ambulance staff there are accused of throwing bodies into gangas river. the holy river.

Every day is a new beginning, take a deep breath and start again.

3 x things I’m grateful for today

  • for all my family still being safe.
  • for the ramadhan ending soon.
  • Grateful for the energy for my mother has, grateful for God for giving energy for her to fast, it will he her 30/30 tomorrow.

what would it take for me and for you and everyone who will ever read this sentence to have an ultimate liberations to human suffering… and all illusions that’s blocking that to happen please all mind pattern get deleted now across time dimensions space and reality.

Ngith, Ash!

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