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🌈 448 – Thu 29 Apr 23:54 2021


Woke up 7:30.. Sun was so bright coming inside the widow was so happy logged on work sharp at 8 AM.. Thursday! happy Thursday was good. lot of work done. was happy with the day.

around 11:30 AM.. I felt like phoning father and luckily I saw him online so I rung. he spoke so nice.. we had a nice chat 20 min something. Covid is going crazy in India right now. It’s so alarming.

Dear God, grant me the courage to change things I can, the ability to accept things I cannot change, and wisdom to know the difference.. the serenity prayer

Lunchtime 1 pm went for walk. Vauxhall Bridge, Lambeth bridge by the river royal embankment, Vauxhall tavern and back home.. 2 pm back at my desk. The rest of the day went smooth..

Logged off work around 4:25 PM..

Celebrating success today I did my first investment, I was looking researching and kindly actively looking how these things work out and I have some idea and knowledge towards crowdfunding and I came across a company I know for many years, haven’t used them but it was only $100 investment and you own a inchy winchy part of the company with crowdfunding so I did that today.

they emailed = “Hi Ash,

We have received your $100 pledge to invest inΒ misterb&b. Thank you for standing with us and for helping the founders revitalize the American Dream.”

17:30 PM took a nap for 40 min then still staying in bed for a bit longer.. until 7pm something and then sat up on my laptop doing some more work..

20:24 broke the 17th day of the fast of Ramadhan had gone well.

People what should I do to help? so I sat down typing..

I need to have a wank before 03:54 am later or less I will be very horny tomorrow during my fast and it is not allowed, so I have to do it before or so many times today my eyes went looking things. Even though wanking is not allowed in Islam.

Anyway, night! stay positive.. Your future depends on what you do today.

3 thing I’m grateful for today

  • for energy I consumed as food.
  • for being able to digest all food.
  • for food existed on the planet

“Waht would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 times stronger healthier activer and have a relaxing yet easy smooth productive Friday and then have a wonderful long bank holiday weekend and all pattern in our mind that blocking those things to happen effectively please get deleted now!

Nighty Night!

Ash Khaleem



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