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šŸŒˆ 447 – Tue 27 Apr 23:45 2021


Woke up 7.. felt like staying in the bed. Sun came inside the window.. felt really great when I woke up. went to pee and then came back to bedroom and stood in front of the sun for like 30 sec and wen to bed again in 7;45 am..

8:00 logged in work sharp. Work was cool.. went for walk at 1:15 pm around Vauxhall bride, Lambeth bridge.. not a lot of people outside.

took a nap after work. 30 min woke up it was cold and still bright I was feeling bit funny at that time

16th day of the fast has gone well I didn’t feel much apart from feeling a bit funny as I woke up from my nap.

Pappa I love you..

Sat up and worked for an hour and half before Iftar in bed, was nice. got a lot of work done

It got dark, Iftar was at 20:18.. ate dates, apples and banana and a glass of water, then offered Magrib namaz and ate a can of Tuna then ate overnight soaked almonds and chickpeas and a glass of Soa milk.. and then ate some beans then another can of tuna and then I will drink some spagatti lol.. before Sehr and then bed and start work again tomorrow 8 am.. What am I? a good goat!

23:30 around that time mother phoned, her sehr is done and a

3 things I’m grateful for today

  • for goats existed on the planet.
  • for goats meat being very delicious everytime mother made it.
  • for milk, tomatos and a horseradish mayo pulled roast beef sandwich.

what would it take for all the blessings to be sent towards India now where the situations remains dire. No success, no money, no achievements is enough if we fail as human..

Night! Ash