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Thu 1 Apr 23:54 2021 


Woke up at 7.. logged on work early to go for a run afterward but was called into a work call IT was helping my friend but I was at the beginning of the story so was cc’d then I got a shoutout for that as “you are a star” in our morning huddle and then another colleague had also given me a shout out so I thought It’s such nice feedback in the morning.

Work was cool. around 11:30 brother had messaged from KSA asking me for an update re Amazon listings in the KSA market which I aim to finish this weekend or asap.

“What would it take for this new listing process to be ultra-successful?”

Worked through lunch but 13:35 meditated for 15 min.. went onto a call sharp at 2 pm, realized not mandatory so I said I’m leaving and left the call.

I had messaged mother around midday telling ok we can talk later today or tomorrow, tomorrow is a bank holiday here. Good Friday and Monday Easter Monday. 4 days in a row.. can’t wait..

4:30 logged off works sharp. nothing left.. a free weekend.. mediated again for 15 min, then had my tea around 5:30 pm watching some stuff on Netflix beautiful nice, and warm day today still the weather is.

took a nap 20:17 for 15 min was so refreshing.. made a small video from Instagram at 20:58 saying it’s 20:58 and I took a nap after work I have to go to the supermarket, I don’t have a lot of food. .. and I got to supermarket Tesco’s Kennington lane around 21:20 just in few min they announced last 15 min, I was almost done by them..

Walked home, ate a can of Tuna, made a nice cup of tea, and now typing this.. on the radio. “I just wanna be part of your symphony.. Will you hold me tight and not let go? Symphony…

More then one million people in the UK now living with long covid today’s news says on a nationwide survey. My sis is refusing vaccine too. I don’t how to influence her to get it done as soon as possible. 

3 things I’m grateful for today

  • for existence of days and night to rest.
  • for heaters.
  • for coffee..

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times stronger, energetic, active and richer tomorrow and a relaxing yet productive weekend and do all fun things and all patterns in between blocking that to happen smoothly please get deleted now. Ngiht! good ngith good night parting is such a sweet ..


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