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Tue 23 Mar 23:55 2021


Woke up at 7:30.. Had to go into the office today.. It’s still the lockdown in UK. Work was cool. Sat next to the nice window there were nobody in the office day went by nice. Went up to Camberwell walking through the park Kennington at lunchtime.

2pm back on my desk at work. It was a beautiful day.. Got home. Went to Tesco’s on my way home from work. Tesco was also quiet and nice bought chicken, beef, Spinach, eggs peppers, green apples and plums. I bought all these.. yum and made beef and rice and lentils for dinner.

4:47 pm took a nap for 30 min listening to a guided meditation.

6:20 Went running Vauxhall brige, Lambeth bridge, Westminster bridge. It started to get cold, I was only on black shorts, black t-shirts and a underwear socks. It was getting cold at that time but was very refreshing. There were a lot of cuties running.

Today was one year anniversary of lockdown. Fancy I was the only one in the office. I closed my eyes for some time at midday. I felt like crying then I quickly opened my eyes and wants to be distracted.

And it seems the Virus is surging again not only in UK but also in the entire Europe. We are just finishing 3rd lockdown in the UK and it never seems to end. Germany is going back in full lockdown at Easter a week from now.

In India my niece and nephew their schools are back shut again.

3 things I’m grateful for today

  • For my legs
  • For the food I consumed today
  • For letter being existed.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 times stronger active happier and richer tomorrow?

People. Read it aloud: I live in a world of limitless possibilities. I have dreams. I work hard. I am in charge of my life. Nothing can stop me from achieving my dreams. I love me. I believe in me. I have faith. I am grateful for everything. I am the greatest. It’s my turn to shine.. by @mindset_168

Night I have to sleep zzz..

Ash Khaleem

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