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Allaha meri madad kar..

Woke up 4:30 AM.. it was so nice. then went to pee.. I came back to bed I have few more hours to sleep it was so nice, I put headphones and new beginnings guided meditation and slept again. “it was so nice..”

People if you are distracted from you goals, you can fall a sleep listening to guided meditations on YouTube. So you go to Yoututbe, you type keywords “Guided meditation for reconnecting the goals” etc.. like this. these are call’d Long Tail Key Words in Google’s language.Β 

Since you been gone song is playing on virgin radio right now, and it was exactly 00:00 and right above me I hear some knocking noise from upstairs. I’m pretty sure someone’s fucking.Β  I want to go to bed but I also want to find love. so I have to sit and type listening to all these..Β 


So I want to break freeΒ .. God knows got to make it on my own.

Anyway defiantly a good day to celebrate and from today you can meet one person outside of your house. The release in the restriction of the lockdown finally in England has arrived. Millions of kids went back to school today.Β  there is a light tunnel and we can see it now..Β 

Β Don’t get overwhelmed. You live one day at a time. Take things day by day. ok? andΒ Nobody cares about your story until you win, so win.

11:45 AM mate Jxxx had messaged, lets go walking. meet you at 12:45 by RVT (Royal Vauxhall tavern in Vauxhall? I said, yes sure.

Springs just coming out. .a few trees here and there..Β 

13:45 pm.. finished walk, quickly went into Sainbury’s to buy cans of Tuna, chicken and rice.Β 

14:00 PM logged sharp back work after lunch time.Β 

14:30 some meeting..Β 

16:20 Logged off work.. took a nap. cooked ate watching castles on Netflix..Β 


3 thing I’m grateful for today

for the energy to go for run this morning before work.

for the energy to go for walk with my mate Jase at lunchtime Lambeth bridge and Westminster bridge.Β 

what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 times energetic and have a relaxing yet productive day and everything in the way of that please get deleted across all time dimensions space and reality.

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