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Woke up 7.. was feeling so good. It was so cold.. was still opening my eyes. and I had some morning gratitude mediation headphones still on in bed and I got call in bed from this guy responding to my advert on gumtree advertising the room.. I already told this same guy yesterday not to ring and I said txt me, bzk I’m at work at was 8 yesterday he phoned and today he did again earlier than that..

I was in a good mood but I still said to him, dude I told you to read the advert properly and don’t ring me, just WhatsApp me a bit about yourself and we can talk and arrange viewing..

“Everywhere and everything thing that makes and makes you react to a most thing instead of responding to them, all patterns in mind makes all these things to occur, please get deleted now across time space and dimensions and reality”

8:00 AM logged on work sharp.. work was smooth.. started a new huddles meet every morning with the team from now on, so will be talking more and talking at least once a day in the lockdown with people.

13:15 went for a run.. Across Vauxhall bridge, Lambeth bridge, and Westminster bridge.. It was so cold. It was very fresh and I was glad I didn’t wear the jumper, was just wearing tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt and a hat covering my ears bkz over the bridges, over river themes it’s usually freezing.

14:30 some fun activity at work, Mystery mafia game with the team, was fun..

around 15:00 pm, my brother had messaged me, that Amazon bags haven’t arrived yet. Our Amazon store bags were moving from the US to the KSA market. Both black and brown bags stock moved at the same time but black received delivery but expecting browns still..

For Amazon – People the process is simple to set up.

All you need is – 1. Create an Amazon seller central account ($36 something ) 2. Go to and find a product that you really really really like and really passionate about and wants to sell, and you can ask the Alibaba people if they know the amazons packaging requirements etc, the one’s who know will do everything for you. You just place an order or 50 or 100 or whatever and they will do everything including arranging the postage. 3. All you need to do is go on YouTube and find some videos showing you how to create an amazon listing and create a listing to your product. Until your product is manufactured and that’s it..

Do a few more trainings on youtube and you are good to go.. It’s that simple you can buy things as simple as 50 candles each for $0.70 and sell on the Amazon US market for $2. this is just an example.

Anyway, Amazon is simple, it doesn’t need too much budget, and if the product clicks you can have a easy good passive income generating system. Go and do it if you want.

16:20 pm logged off work sharp.. so happy tomorrow is Friday..

16:45.. took a nap 30 min listening to a guided meditation.

18:30 made rice. lentils and eggs for dinner and ate watching Castles in England documentary from BBC on Netflix.. Now I understand the history of York castle.

One more day and it’s weekend, looking forward. I will be continuing doing the Icloud memory full transfer continuing from last week.

People everything that we attract, even the negative circumstances, cause us to grow which means that ultimately everything is for your own good..

3 things I’m grateful for today

  • for the energy to write.
  • for the existence of pillows.
  • for being able to see.. Thank you!

what would it take for me and for you to be able to clear the entire negative pattern of the mind? and all other mind patterns that’s creating all circumstances teaching lessons and creating all the sufferings please get deleted now!

Night night.. sleep tight. sorry I don’t proof what I write and now I’m going to bed.. bye!

Ash K’haleem

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