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Still working out how to make this seagate backup drive work with my mac. People remember when it comes to data back up,

2 is one and 1 is none!

“Date Backup = 2 is one and 1 is none!” Data backed up on iCloud is none and data backed up both in iCloud and in a USB is 1.. I had all my last 10 years saved on a hard drive that used to be compatible with my old laptop Windows.. I’m trying to figure out making it compatible with mac.

Anyway, I woke up 7:15.. Mediated for 15 minutes.. Wanted to go for a run before work but during the weekend, for many many months I had been postponing and my iCloud memory was full and I finally managed to take time out over the weekend.

so anyway, I was updating the phone so I had to delete an App that gives me access to login to work every morning.. so I needed to get in touch with IT to log in so I used the time to get that sorted instead of going for run..

I was feeling very fresh and energetic. the birds were flying in the window, there wasn’t Sun in the morning, it was grey and dull but I was feeling full..

Logged work sharp at 8:AM.. I have to go into the office tomorrow, which I’m looking forward to it. rest of the day work was smooth. Did a lot of trainings today and then some redactions.

13:00 Lunch / went for run.. Ran over Vauxhall bridge, Lambeth bridge and Westminster bridge back home to Oval. So beautiful.. Sun came out Mid Day.. there weren’t a lot people outside not even around the Parliament etc. It was too cold outside.

And the news is going again crazy. They found a Brazilian covid variant in the UK and they say they have traced five of six people but cannot contact the sixth because they did not leave contact details.. and in West Africa first Covid jab. bless them!

00:34 right now, just trying to find a little Urdu joke for parents who are just about to wake up back home.. “I finally found one, it says, a man asked a cock, why do people kill you and the cock answered., the people kill the things that wakes them up.. ” it’s in Urdu language below the joke lol.

– -for my parents

  • for my parents
  • for their health
  • for the little candle, I have next to me now.

what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 times energetic, bigger, stronger, happier, richer and have a productive yet relaxing easy and make choices towards future goal-oriented tomorrow and the rest of the week.. and all patterns blocking this to happened please get deleted across time-space mind and reality.. Nighty night!! sleep tight.Β 

Ash KhaleemΒ 

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