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🌈 398 – Tue 23 Feb 23:59 2021


I woke up 8:15.. checked the time put the headphones back on and took another peaceful nap listening to Michael sealey’s letting go of fear of success and again woke up 9:30.. Sun was out so beautiful outside today.

ate some nuts and went for run.. so mild, beautiful and bright I only wore t-shirt and shorts running.. Over Vauxhall bridge then Lambeth bridge then over Westminster brige back home to oval.

10:30 am sharp attended work meeting perform plus training. On AL this week but I didnt want to miss the training.. My new Oven got delivered when I was in the training. It was funny 2 guys came with masks.

11:32 mate Jxxx txt to me “I have moved my noon forward to 11.50 I will meet you by the gates of the park at 12.20. Sharp!

I met him around that time and then we walked up to Camberwell green, I needed to go to the bank. There was like an issue one day suddenly with electric couple months ago during the lockdown and I had to ring them and then in the end they changed the top electric meter to monthly bill electric meter in my flat.. Some of these old London building still have those top up meters and you have to go to a shop with a key type thing to topup electricity just like he way phone top up used to be.

Anyway.. so those people who replaced the meter there was some credit on it before it was changed so they send the refund as a cheque. there was huge massive line in front of of the bank so we decided, I don’t want to spend my time standing in a big line.

there were not a lot of places were open, food was mostly delivery only, just deliveroo guys with their big bags in the streets.. We didn’t find anything and I needed to pee too and we went to Mcdonalds., the toilets were also closed I had to carry the pee back home.

We got our food, mate wanted to sit in the park but Camberwell central is a big noisy and the park is in the centre and we are not allowed to sit in the park currently it’s prohibited sitting the park let alone sit and eat burgers and chips. we started walking back home hoping we will find something by the side of the road but we didn’t find anywhere to sit so just walked back home and ate.

Around 3 pm.. took a nap.. again listening to Michael Sealey subconvious motivation meditation, I think slept for 20 minutes and dad had rung me, he never does, and he nerer does at that time bkz it’s my usual work time and I never sleep at that time. just happened to sleep today and It’s so random, spoke to him for 40 min this and that.. parents went to see girl for brother yesterday and they like her and there was also another girl there kept in the pipe line and they are gonna finally decide one of them.

3:50 Knock at the door. Lambeth coucil dropped a post saying – ” on Tuesday 16th February, Central Government added 1.7 million people to be classed as clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV). This change means that you are now considered CEV and may be at risk of becoming very unwell if you catch Covid-19.

And they gave me a link to book Covid vaccine.. The booking is done, 1st appointment, Westminster Bridge Vaccination Site, 25/02/2021 – 04:35 PM and 2nd dose is in May 15/05/2021 – 04:35 PM. Sent a text to mother about the booking.

I felt so guilty booking my vaccination date. I was like should I wait for few more days or should I book now. My parents didn’t get the vaccine yet, they are so much older but they don’t have access for the vaccine. It felt like there must be more people who needs it more than I do. so I should wait.. but millions in UK have already been vaccineed and they seems to be doing with a plan so I better book it when they sent me the letter. I reluctantly booked it.

In the human world – the Prime Minster is setting out a four step plan to reinstate all freedoms by June 21. Bless him! However today UK deaths rise by 548 and 8,489 new cases reported.

Sometimes, when we don’t have the courage to change, everything changes around us to direct us to a new path. Growth is inevitable.

3 things I’m grateful for today

  • for my cock
  • for the sunlight
  • for invention of mobile phones.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 x times bigger, stronger activer and energetic tomorrow and have productive yet relaxing smooth easy and happy day! ba!! nighty, night! Ash

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