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  • What to say when you talk to yourself
  • Experts secrets – Russell Branson
  • Hero’s 2 journey
  • 5 second rule
  • Psyco cybernatic

7 habits of highly effective people

Hypnotic writing by Joe Vitalie

The Ad week copy writing handbook – Joseph Sugarman

Beyond positive thinking

The user elution book

What to say when you talk to yourself

Movies and books

Sleepless in Seattle

The social network

Dunkirk movie sep2017

Video – dauchsy manifest

You are creators 100 affirmation for entrepreneurs

  • Paul McCann hypnosis

YouTube – landria onkkaΒ 

Trello App good for organising



Why by Simon sinek

Chicken soup for soul

You are raising children not flowers

Feel the fear and do it anyway

Don’t give a fuck to things

As a man think of

Secrets of the millionaire mind

Www.deliverreceiving.comΒ  audio book

  • Advertising headlines that make you rich by David garfincle.Β 
  • Overview on advertising
  • Richest man in babilon
  • Start with why – Simon Synik
  • Men are from mars and women are from Venus John grey
  • Real moments – Barbara deangelis
  • The one minute manager – ken Blanchard
  • 1001 ways to market your book
  • The street kids guide to having it allΒ  – John assaraf
  • Seven habits of highly effective people by Steven
  • Learnt optimist
  • The ultimate guide to writing powerful advertising and marketing – Joseph Sugarman
  • Hypnotic writing how to seduce and persuade customers with only your words by – Joe Vitale
  • Just my nature
  • Psycho cybernetics – maxwell maltz
  • Creative visualisation – shakti gawain
  • 10 minutes toughness – Jason selk
  • Quantum memory power – Dominic O’Brien
  • Coach yourself to success – Talane miedaner
  • Expert secrets – Justin recommended book
  • HΓ©ros Journey – Joseph Campbell
  • Failing Forward – Jon sea Maxwell
  • How to win friends and influence people bill carnagie
  • 7 why’s
  • Ryan Halloway – ego is your enemy
  • The chimp paradox mindmanagement
  • sell to humans by Danial cragmaire
  • Unscaled by Kevin manny
  • Naked brain
  • Miracle morning – hellcrod
  • Podcast – James wigmore – mind your business
  • The mind in making – James Aa
  • Amy – What on earthΒ  I am here for
  • Amy – 5 Sec rule – Mel Robins

  • Mastry
  • Mindset by carol duvet
  • Michael singer – Untheatered Soul
  • Michael singer – surrendered experience
  • Infinite self – Stuart wild