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🌈 394 – Wed 17 Feb 23:53 2021


Oh my God what is happening to me. it’s 00:02 and I was googling how does the glucose monitor works. A thought just occurred that I might be going home seeing parents soon after the lockdown. The news seems very optimistic.. the govt. is creating a road map for easing restrictions on Monday, today was Wednesday so 4 day and maybe a few more weeks and it will be a bit freer..

However today still UK recorded another 12,718 new cases and 738 deaths. remember We fall We break We fail But then, We rise We heal We overcome.

I have booked off the next week entire week, I had 5 days left from work to take my AL before new year April.. so I was gonna apply for this new Case Manager role and the deadline is like 23rd or something and then I will have a few more days for myself.

I was in my flow state earlier and I lost it now bkz I went to look for a little urdu joke to send to parents. Anway the “Flow State” is any time of the day or any point your body / your mind gets into a stage of extreme concentrated and productive peek performance stage. I can happen to anyone but you should be working on something that you are really passionate about or experiencing something really intense joy you can be in the flow stage.

I cultivated my Flow stage during my run. Today in fact I was holding back to go first bkz It’s so cold always in England. then when I started running, as soon as I started, I got into the Flow stage, until I returned home, I felt like I was flying but I only finished Lambeth bride usually do, Vauxhall, Lambeth and Westminster bridges.

In flow stage you are more immersed, active, 10 times more productive

3 thing grateful for today

Little radio in my room

my comfortable bed

and my parents.

what would it take for me and for you to have a good, easy, relaxing yet productive day tomorrow and the rest of the week and then the weekend and then my long week off.. yay! Ngiht, Ash