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Learnings today

  • Express the core of their being through Art
  • Music is the space between the notes
  • When in doubt leave it out
  • When u wake up instinct today how I feel determines how ur day gonna be, how much energy intensity you can bring to ur workout or work or the day


  • Things we own ends up owning us.
  • If you ask a favour from someone if they invest in you, there are more inclined to be  connected to you.
  • It’s not whether you can afford the time or not, it’s whether you can afford the distraction.
  • College is the system you need to figure out and get the most out of it.


  • Thoughts shapes as spaces and spaces return the favour
  • I have suffered great many hardships which really never happened. Mind games
  • Let the wind take you where it may!
  • Been their done that is an adult mind. Playful attitude is a way to go, child like Aw!! The curiosity!
  • The more options you consider, more regrets you’ll have .. and the more options you encounter the less fulfilling the outcome will be ..
  • Attention is the currency how determines the value of time ..
  • Complaining is wasting past tense deliberation.


  • religious way looking at the world is whatever as economic way looking at the world or psycological way of looking at the world. They all bring order from chaos


  • The place that you can come from when you’re vulnerable, you’re actually showing the strength.
  • when you’re writing and start to feel really uncomfortable it’s what you starting to get it right..


  • spectrums of colours in your food is good way to to


  • The moment you feel just possibly, you are walking down the streets naked exposing too much of your heart and mind, what exists on the inside showing too much of yourself, that’s the moment you are starting to get it right.


  • If you want everyone to be your fan no one’s gonna be your fan


  • Even if you are a monkey, you’ll still fall from the trees so plz don’t be arrogant
  • Most of the fears you have is undervaluing the thing you already have in life
  • The higher they get, the less explanation they provide
  • You are WHAT YOU EAT!!
  • Every tomorrow is determined what you do today. Saying No is OKAY!
  • I didn’t read it today, I read it from yesterday


  • Opposite to happy is not sadness it’s boredom (For ever feeling lazy)
  • And Boredom is Failure
  • Want to see peek experiences in life? Jack of all trades can
  • Sure path of failure – PLEASING EVERYONE!


  • The only good is the last thing you put out.


  • No need to respond to every email.
  • Not expecting other people to do things the way I would do
  • Give room to them, way they want and what I chose to do is my decision
  • Ignorance is blessing, not knowing will not harm you. You don’t need to know everything, if you knew, you’ll have to get into it


  • What you don’t know can’t hurt you.
  • Better to be roughly correct than precisely wrong.


  • Whatever’s going on right now is the total reference of your internal dialog. 
  • What you hold near and dear to you, you reenergise..
  • If it’s important to you to be always right, you’ll put tons and tons of force to be right, you might not be able to see you’re wrong or theres a better way



  • Doubt gets created by mixed messages and lack of information.
  • What do you doubt and not trust that you can create it. Is it you never got it before so why bother!!
  • Are you avoiding being too big?
  • What are you avoiding being aware of that you should be doing ?
  • Everywhere you are avoiding change – DELETE all that from your MIND.
  • How do I neglect myself – worst enemy! (Tv, gossip, alcohol, sex,procrastinate ) or talk urself out of it.
  • All the places that you neglect yourself by just being lazy, DELETE and UNCREATE all mind stuff related to that.




  • dealing with debt is taking responsibility of your financial situation


  • Volunteer simplicity is a skill like swim or learn to type.
  • Creators dialoma
  • Inventors diploma


  • Complaining sucks, it’s a negative mind pattern that repeats itself and you can control it.


  • 2 people same experience – 1 thinks games just began other thinks games ended, makes difference in quality of people’s life not what happened to them.
  • Progress = Happiness
  • Know how to learn – how world be yours!


  • You know by the company you keep


  • if you make no decision, it is also a decision
  • You know by the company you keep


  • What you know doesn’t mean shit, what you do consistently matters in the most
  • Understand system as whole not just your prospective on the system.


  • annotated reading means – adding notes giving explanation and comments
  • Perpetuate – Never ending or changing
  • Constant guilt over not addressing things


  • What you see is not always what you get


  • Idea of things in excess becomes opposite
  • I was walking and my day became interested, full of nerves until I know what it was.


  • adversity doesn’t create people it builds people
  • Tendency to worry is separateness


  • go to failure every time you train – soviet lifting methodology / 3 to 6 Reps consistently this methodology derived into the sports superior to this day

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  • Commitment to excellence means being comfortable hurting peoples feelings and being comfortable having the feelings hurt and to try to take the feelings out of it. And talk about what thing you are trying to do is.



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