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Tuesday 26 February 2019

Woke up nice and sharp at 5:15, sat up and wrote the affirmations.. Got ready for the gym and left home 6:15, had a great Upper Chest Workout. I followed again Mike Thurston’s Upper Chest & Triceps – Full Routine. Had a really good workout and got to work sharp at 8AM, Check this pic, It’s not me but I had dressed up like that today.. I love this colour. . I get a lot of eyes.. 

Work was really great. I actually had a positive compliment for me sent to my manager… Which is a good sign of feedback I believe.. Had gone to the supermarket Tesco on my way home and got home around 4:30.. 

As soon as I got home, I phoned Google Ads, my YouTube campaign yesterday and today my views were really funny.. Usually, I have up to 700 views on each campaign.. The Google Rep couldn’t figure it out. He said he will call back when he finds out from this support team, he had to escalate.. 

After work, I am not building a habit of meditating for an hour, so I was able to sit down sharp at 5. Decided not to listen to any audio. Usually, I follow guided meditations.. today, I felt like going without music and I actually enjoyed it alot. Bkz you are not following any directions so you just stare at the dark screen. I was worried about thought taking over and I did have them take over at times but I was able to bring the mind back.. one point I couldn’t control thoughts.. even though I was bringing my mind back as soon as I realized at one point I decided to think about when was the last or the ever time I was happy.. or felt really really happy and grateful..  

I sat down thinking about all the times when I was so happy growing up until now.  I felt so happy doing that. I loved it so much.. I think it’s a nice tool to just go back and think of all the times that you feel really crazily happy.. It really energized me.. I got off the meditation smiling and even now I am.. 

In the book Becoming supernatural by Joe Dispenza, he says, you have to release your wish or desire with an elevated emotion into the universe.. I was visualizing my desires in my meditation and I requested them with an elevated emotion of happiness today.. 

3 x things that I am grateful for today 

– I am grateful for having received that wonderful feedback at work today. 

– I am grateful for the support I receive from Google Reps and Google.. 

– I am grateful for the lamp in my room.. 

3 x happy moments of my day 

– I felt so happy when I meditated today and was thinking of all the times I was happy in the past

– I felt so happy speaking to my mum today when I walked to work from the gym.. 

– I felt so happy when earlier when I found the song that I have been looking for.. I heard it on the Virgin radio and then I forgot what it was and I wouldn’t turn the radio off because I wanted that song.. This was that song.. The Kooks – All The Time (Lyrics)

3 x things I need to do next that will take me a step closer to my destination 

– Update Thank you page

– Complete analytics training 

– Write SEO montly blog on my website.. 

1 x act of kindness today 

– I said to a friend that she looked nice today and she smelled nice. She was happy.. 

I hope you had a great day too.. Please try and stay in the now.. That is the first thing we need to practice.. 

Kindest Regards, 

Ash Khaleem 


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