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Wed 3 Feb 23:06 2021


Time is getting better by the time I sit down every night.. 4:30 work finished.. took a 20 min nap. then went for run. went only up to Lambeth bridge and then Vauxhall bridge about 3 or 4 miles.. listening to Surah Kahf fast recitation on youtube.. after finishing this.. I missed my nephew a little bit so I went watch something funny recommendation he asked me to watch.

today during the day had been listening to Quran translation, had a busy day at work so didn’t listen to any thing at all working, a little bit radio but human were talking on the radio more than music.

I just emailed virgin radio to please change the music. I started listening in the lockdown and they probably played same songs almost everyday. there are so many artists. right now they are playing the song of 1970. In the news it’s still crazy outside 1322 dead today of Covid. the UK peak is gone the infection rate is still high. it’s just unbelievable to see right now there are also about 32,000 Covid patients in the hospital and I’m in my bed.. God thank you for my health and for all the people around me.. “All focused energy created towards mine and your body, health and soul please get deleted now and concentrate more on the goals and outcome.. “

3 things I’m truly grateful for today

  • For work.
  • for parents
  • for electricity.
  • what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 times energetic active and stronger tomorrow and have a relaxing yet productive day tomorrow.. Good night. Ash