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Mon 1 Feb 23:57 2021,


Woke up to the alarm around 7:30.. Had been raining all day today. before work the floor was wet and lunchtime it was wet too and after work the floor was wet., and I wanted to go for a jog.

The weekend went really great.. finished moving all convertri pages to post pages on the website, will be saving extra $70 each month. the next task is to update the follow-up series.. In the meantime, I will be creating the store gallery today or tomorrow hopefully.

8:00 am logged in sharp at work. work was cool., the cheque arrived from father today, 4:30 pm all the bank work finished. so grateful.. the next task is to clear the credit card..

And in the news today it seems door to door testing for the South African mutation of the coronavirus is to start in England as it emerged the strain may have spread in some regions. They already found 11 people tested positive for the variant, but wh have no links to travel so it’s looks like it’s also spread in local communities with the possibility of further cases.. omg!

and still 406 dead today within 28 days of testing positive.. my flatmate the Spanish one, did this massage course staying at home during lockdown watching videos on youtube, and now he’s bringing annoying but he’s such a sweet guy so I don’t want to say anything..

3 x things grateful for today

  • for this virgin radio playing some nice songs at this time.
  • for Astrazenca vaccine being som effective so far good.
  • for internet.

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 times stronger and energetic and have a relexaed yet productive day again tomorrow..



Mu seedha rakh! 

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