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Monday 25 February 2019

I woke up late today just felt like lying in.. Got off the bed at 06:40 a little angry on myself, I sat down to meditate but wasn’t able to focus. I have to start work at 8, at 7:10 I decided to go for a run. I ran from, I live by the Oval Cricket Ground, so ran from there towards Vauxhall Tube Station from there by the River Thames towards Parlament, then over the Lambeth Bridge towards the Tate Britain Art Museum‘s side, then take the round at Vauxhall Bridge back by the New Builds.. and back home..ย 

I love this run.. there is nothing that will make me happier than going for a run when my head feels funny. I get to see so many things on my way, I see water, I see Sun coming out, I see history Parlament, and Tate, and I also get to see the new builds and my dream house on Albert Embankment road..

it took 30 minutes for me to do all this.. Got ready for work, I didn’t even rush, I was feeling so great that I didn’t to think of the time anymore. I boiled an egg, I had a shower and was trying about 5 different pairs of shoes and got to work at 12 past 8am. I just have to give my complete 8 login hours at any time.. so I am more than good.. I dressed up nice in Yellow shirt and blue jeans, perfect for the early spring season.. My flat when he saw me in the kitchen said, wow! you look like you are going to a wedding.. you look so nice.. It’s not me but this style..

I was gonna check an email I got from my outsourcer this morning which I didn’t do and I needed to make up, so after lunch, I was able to finish that. Got home from work around 4:30, set the alarm on and took a 20 minutes nap. Set out to do the Meditation as soon as the alarm goes off.. Then sat up around 5 something and put the headphones on with Joe Dispenza’s You are the Placebo Meditation 1 and meditated for an hour.ย 

ย When I opened my eyes, the time was 05:58 pm.. I was glad things are so much in order and I made my dinner Upma, a South Indian food.. My dear mother sun-dried so many things and gave me this mixture just to boil water and add this and leave it for 10 minutes and it’s done.. Thank you Mamma..ย 

My task for this evening with my business was to respond to a lead helping her with something.. I needed to do the proper research on the subject and I am so happy I was able to respond it so well. She came back with so positive message..

Then I started working on creating a new campaign on Google Ads for YouTube, watched Dan’s webinar I could only watch for 20 minutes and leave the task and move on to the next scheduled task which was to write this blog.ย 

I hope you had a productive day today. I am thinking of booking this Friday off because Saturday is Marketing Mastery and I want to prepare for that.ย 

3 x things that I am grateful for todayย 

– I am grateful to my mum she gave me so much of food secretly when I went to see her in October last year. I love her so much.ย 

– I am grateful for living in Oval.. I have a beautiful flat, beautiful view, probably one of the best views in London looking into the Oval Cricket Ground and beautiful flatmates..ย 

– I am grateful for being able to work, being able to eat, being able to laugh, being able to speak.. I am grateful for everything around me..ย 

3 x happy moments of my day

– I felt so happy when I composed a powerful message to my lead to inspiring her, It made me so happy that I had an opportunity to direct someone in the right direction..ย 

– I felt so happy earlier when I went into the kitchen and my flatmate offered me noodles that she made, I tasted some.. I like it when people offer me food..ย 

– I felt so happy today when I finished all my work an hour early and I was able to clear all my clutter.ย 


3 x things I need to do next which will take me a step closer to my destinationย 

– Complete creating the new campaign

– Complete analytics trainingย 

– update thank you page..ย 

1 x act of kindness today.ย 

– I held the door for 3 people this morning..ย 

*********************************************************************************************************************************ย  The only thing that I want to introduce you to, is the educational system below! My life has been transformed by this and I want you to have it too.. Together we can work towards our value to the world. ย Take care, Ash ๐Ÿ™‚ย  My YouTube, My Website