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Wed 06 Jan 23:58 2020


Woke up 7:00.. 15 min meditated.. logged work sharp at 8.. spoke to mother around 11:30 and also spoke to father briefly and then rest of the day work went smooth.. finished a little late but it was good.. it was raining outside in the morning and it was raining in around when I finished work too but the weather was nice.

The sun was out in the afternoon around 3:30 pm sunset time. I moved my desk to kitchen there was the sun coming inside sat there it was so beautiful. the sun was so beautiful. He didn’t stay long.

Strange but in the afternoon I had a new follower with my pictures and my name on the profile following me.. I said, please delete this profile immediately and this person says I will, but please can you hear me out.. I only put up your pictures in order to get a reply from you.. I know if not for this profile you wouldn’t reply

I said – what’s up? Remove the pics immediately!

Okay i did, I need a favour from you please

What’s up? I said.

I read your captions always.. And it motivated me a lot, which i always learn from

But i feel so depressed (sweating emoji) make me your friend (praying emoji) please I wanna learn i wanna earn.. I know it’s wrong to say this to you.. But please teach me how to earn (worried emoji)

please (praying emoji)

— I don’t know how to respond to this..

God please help me. How can I help this person? what would it take for me to really really really able to help this guy whoever this is..

Today apparently more than 1000 people died in UK with covid and new cases went up to 60,000 .. mother asked while speaking how’s it going there? is it going down a bit.. I said, yes, it’s going down a bit. I know I was lying but I wanted to be optimistic and not to worry her.

And then in the evening like crazy there was an insurrection in US. Armed supporters of Trump stormed the Capitol building and forced a lockdown.

Guys stop being annoying and stay home!

3 thing I’m grateful for today

  • for being able to work from home
  • for the energy to type.
  • for my phone and laptop..

what would it take for me to and for you to wake up 10 times energetic richer healthier happier tmro.. mro mro such a sweet sorrow.. good night, good luck!


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