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Mon 04 Jan 2021 23:23


Woke up 7:30.. first day back to work after Christmas break.. logged in work sharp at 8.. I said Morning.. HNY! Welcome back on the group. I was raining all day today, I had been waiting for dry floor to run I didn’t get all-day. Did pushupsh through out the day, mediated 15 min lunchtime.

3pm was already dark outside, finished work on time.. England went into a new lockdown again from today. PM Boris announced. 17:30 got ready to go for a run again but it started raining so didn’t go.. intstead meditated for 15 min then took nap for 30 min.. ate dinner watching schitt’s creek..

8:30 pm texted brother to remind him of nephew Dan’s birthday this week. brother thanked me for reminding and reminded me of the date which is the 5th.. I just realised it’s now already 5th of Jan. Brother offered me money today and said I have 2 salarys saved I will send it to you and you can use it to do things.. I thought very kind of him and said ask father we you can buy maybe things back home. 

Money – why do you think so many desire to be rich? how is it so many around you covered with wealth but do not see, do you not understand the power you have placed up on money ? so many have literally created their objectives of possessing as much as possible. Have you not understood the power of the soul not lies in that which possesses outside of themselves rather what lies within them.

The emphasis that is placed upon the love and desire of money is greater in so many souls that love placed upon self and and upon source. 

3 things grateful for today

  • having cute little niece and nephew
  • for the weather today
  • for wifi existence.

what would it take for me and for you to manifest a miracle in our financial abundance now!

good night good night parting is such a sweet sorrow! 



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