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Tuesday 15 Dec 23:52 2020


Woke up 6:30 am, 15 min mediated.. ate soaked nuts chic peas, and went to the gym and got back home and to the desk to work at 8:10 or 15.. Work was smooth.

Had a quick but decent workout.. did pull-ups.. 3 sets, then did shoulders on the machine, and quick abs on the machine.. the weather was so beautifulΒ .. so glad I made it to the gym in the morning. Yesterday in the news I think it was 300,000 deaths so far in the US alone it reached something like that the covid.

10 days for Christmas, looking forward to seeing Ms. Sandra. So glad I’m home.. and wfh..

my finances suck, my relations with the family suck! my relation with friends sucks! health is good now but I have done myself .. wanted to sleep but wanted to write something. The gratitude exercise pulls me back to the paper.

Went for a run at lunchtime at Vauxhall bridge and Lambeth bridge. Again the weather so beautiful over the bridge.. the sun was out.. Sun was so beautiful. The afternoon I moved my workstation to the kitchen where the sun was coming.. sun after so long..

Logged off work around 4:30 pm.. have so many appointments this week.

took a nap at 5:20 for 15 min.. went to base studios Vauxhall workout class MarkJ at 6 pm.. another good routine.. got home via supermarket.. bought some mince pies for those supermarket guys.

watched the transcendence series while eating..

I need to let go of this belief – “What makes me good enough is having other people think well of me”.

3 thing I feel grateful for today

  • grateful for my comfortable room
  • grateful for the health
  • grateful for air I breath

what would it take for me and for you to have a breakthrough now!

now start singing – na na na na naaa.. tonight is the night.. tonight is the night..

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Speak soon,


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