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Friday 11 December 23:35 2020


Woke up at 6:30.. Looked outside the window. Cold wet raining outside.. Sun was just coming outside behind the Oval Church.. was aiming to go to the gym before work, the first alarm went off at 5 and then at 6.. but 1st thing to do was now settle and still down it’s already close to 8 AM! looked straight to work.. work was fine.. the day went very quickly.

12:30. . Wanted to go for a run.. something other come up working and lost track of time.. 13:30.. I need a shower. It’s Friday prayer time.. Didn’t feel like jumping in the shower directly from the desk in.. middle of the day. The heating is on but the bathroom freezing.. didn’t want to get into the shower before a workout but jumped in the shower.. Waited hot water to start on..

13:45.. offered Friday prayer, back sitting at desk 13:54.. time flew.. 4 pm log off time.. worked through and still at my desk 16:49..

The phone was upside down next to my laptop most of the day. Did not want to look at the phone. Direct messages, 4 messages from Dad from early morning, good morning, 2 videos, and something religious in Urdu to read. In a family group, some messages from my sister, few video.. all expected to watch.. the group in the office no stop ding ding ding ding all day! must and should to keep up the ding ding ding!

Turned the laptop off at 5:15 pm.. I thanked my father for sending me those things to read and watch out of respect.. Was feeling so hungry, ate nice Chicken and rice from the fridge at 6:30 pm the first meal of the day and probably the last meal of the day.

Looked outside the window, 3 lads walking going somewhere probably to a house party. Yesterday I asked my Tomy let go for a drink or get something to eat last night now there is no lockdown. He said, no I don’t want to go anywhere, I hate the way it outside now with the Covid, didn’t enjoy going out last time when I went out.

I was thinking of going for a run.. It’s still wet.. Oh God! let’s meditate for few min. 7:10 pm. Sat down meditating.. 20 minutes.. nodding off many times in the meditation. each time woke up thinking and talking about work.. ok, I’m gonna try one last time.. last time I meditated, nodded off again woke up saying the name of a workmate.

I just wanted the day to end. I’m gonna take a nap.. 30 min alarm on. Listening to Michael Sealey’s subconscious motivation hypnotize youtube video on.. Slept so well.

woke up at 22:55.. all day gone! Woke up feeling fresh.. I’m gonna go back to bed aiming to wake up at 6 or 7 am go bring the morning workout routine back since I lost it of the Covid..

Must be a lot of people lost many things the only thing covid affected me is – I lost my habit of waking up early and going to the gym before work..

3 thing grateful for today

Having work to do.

To have siblings to look after parents

for having this weekend to rest

what would it take for me and for to wake up 10 times more energetic, happy, stressless, active and go to the gym in the morning and have a really really really really really good workout and bring the waking up early habit back on track NOW!

nighty night!


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