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Monday 07 Dec 23:55 2020


Woke up 7:30.. 15 min meditated.. work was cool.. it’s so cold outside and inside too in the morning. mediated again for a little bit lunchtime.. took a quick nap after work and then went for a run .. Vauxhall bridge, Lambeth bridge and Westminster bridge stairs to go up were closed. so happy I turned around. Ate well today, tmro have to go to go into the office.

All days feel funny and weird with this new way of living.. Lockdown ended but it still feels like lockdown. Tmro planning to go to gym in the morning.. 1st time after the second lockdown.. “what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 times energetic, stronger, activer, happiner and younger tmro early and go to gym and have a good good good workout s tomorrow! everything in the way of that happening, please get deleted across all time dimensions space and reality.”

Ate chicken rice lentils.. watched about Atlantis and extrateristial dimensional beings documentary while eating.. my new iPhone has arrived but I did not open it today, my love for the old phone. I hope brother will be happy with the phone.

3 things grateful for today

  • for my bed
  • for my bedroom
  • for parents.

Good night good night parting is such a sweet sorrow! Night!



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