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I never re-read before posting.. because I feel so embarrassed ;-)) lol.. My onion layers are still peeling off.. When all the layers are peeled off, then I become that ultimate super human.. 

so for now, Please accept my apologies for the mistakes or grammar or missed words or anything at all.. I am just typing what I am thinking.. 

Wokeup nice and sharp at 5;15 i think, sat up and wrote my affirmations.. got ready for the gym, i got there just one time and was able to attend the pump class.. I love it so much.. I had a really good workout.. 

Got to work sharp at 8.00, the first half of the day, i had Tony Robins on all day headphones while working, after lunch, i had listened to Joe Dispenza’s becoming supernatural audiobook..  He’s been talking about thoughts, manifestation how powerful we humans are and we don’t realize. It’s so interesting…

Got home, 4:20, took a quick nap for 15 minutes, sat up, put the meditation music on and i meditated for an hour.. Followed a practice actually mentioned in the book.. lol i think i might have dossed of a few times and back. and i was going away with my thoughts here and there.. I had to bring myself back many times.. but it felt great.. I have to practice.. Practice will make me perfect. 

then made my dinner, Rice cooked in lentils, 2 boiled eggs, a spoon full of Ghee (butter), and a slice of Chilly Mango Pickle .. 

It was 6 minutes to 8, I put some music on and danced for a few minutes.. then sat down on my desk to  work.. I outsourced landing page copy write.. It’s been challenging with business professional, i think i need strong words. So i outsourced it on Fiver to get more ideas..

3 x things that i am grateful for today. 

– I am grateful for the training instructor at my gym today. she was very good and very thoughtful.. With her energy, she made us all work hard.. 

– I am grateful for all my workmates around me..they are all sweet people. Thank you for having all of these.. 

I am grateful for my laptop’s charger. He helps me so much.. 


3 x Happy moments of my day 

– I felt happy and laughed when i saw a friend this morning and waited for her to come so we get inside together.. 

– I felt happy and laughed when i earlier when i looked myself in the mirror.. 

– i felt happy and relieved when i realized earlier that i had 8 leads yesterday.. 


3 x thing I need to do next that will take me a step closer to my destination. 

– Complete analytics training.

– Research keywords

– Practice script. 

1 x act of kindness today 

I had taken 2 boxes of strawberries to work today and placed 1 on each desk of all people around em..they all loved it..  I saw a guy at the gym today, eating porridge and strawberries in locker room.. I really liked it.. and i liked the idea of him eating so quickly. You have to eat within an hour but i think you have to eat as soon as possible, which he was doing.. appreciate that! and he has taken an effort to add strawberries in there. lol.. 

Have a great day tomorrow.. xx 

Kindest Regards 

Ash Khaleem 


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