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Thursday 03 December 23:53 2020


It’s Friyay tomorrow. I feel very happy. this week seems so long.. I usually write in digital bloggers but today it’s giving me some error so I came on Linkedin and then I went to mentors website to get the support why the usual site is giving me error asking me to contact the system administrator and mentors’ website is also down.. I should probably take a break!

I bought these Christmas mince pies from the supermarket today I’m so excited to eat them I love these, usually only see them this time of the year.

yesterday I contacted a supplier on asking them if they will put the personal logo on the product they are going to supply. I saw this cute little lube bottle I want to source from China it’s costing only $0.64 hopefully will be able to sell for between £3 – £5.

Apparently today the entire death toll of UK reached to 60,000 Covid highest in all the countries in Europe and apparently today supposed get up to -10 now.. outside probably, it’s raining now and it had been freezing all day.

My mate came around just after work, we went walking around. Vauxhall riverside went into Vauxhall pleasure gardens and they have many food stalls there before covid and all and they were doing some discount just after 1st lockdown but today the guy at the door said UUU you need reservation etc. I’m sure it’s empty inside. Covid seems did not teach anything to people all still have bad attitudes and doing the same things. we didn’t get it, walked around the river.. then went towards Albert Embankment to the boat restaurant on the river, sat on the boat upstairs no ceiling and it was so cold we got 2 pints and was gonna order the food and they were doing only pizza’s and my mate had pizza for lunch and tbh I didn’t wanna stay anymore there in the freezing cold. I love cold it’s not a complaint. We left the place and walked towards Kennington Road and then went into Tommyfields and ate there. I got Chicken and Leeke Pie and mate got a burger..

3 things I’m grateful for today

  • for the lockdown to be lifted
  • for the tasty pie at the Tommyfields
  • for weather rain cold

what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 times active energetic happy healthy and younger tomorrow and have easy and quick friday and then have a relaxing relaxing relaxing yet productive weekend coming up ..

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