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Tue 01 Dec 23:54 2020


It’s 00:14 now..I’ve just come back from the kitchen making probably the last bottle of the protein blend..Β 

woke up 7.10.. 7;15.. mediated 15 min.. work was cool. was a little busy today.. went for a run in lunch time.. there were a lot of people running.. Westminster bridge was closed for had to turn around Lambeth bridge.Β 

Mother phoned just after work was finished.. I went to the kitchen to make pasta. Younger cousin got married mother was talking about the wedding. watched Life on the Other Side of the Simulation while eating.. yesterday before bed, I ordered something on Amazon.. Β£4.55 something was the standard delivery and Β£5.55 was super special deliver delivered by 10 pm tomorrow.Β 

I thought just for 1 pound.. I can have it by tomorrow.. Anyway it was a needed item, I’m happy I got it but I think it was one of amazon tricks. it’s 01:29 now apparently today the lockdown ends. but there seems confusion what time it ends tomorrow. I’m just gonna go for a walk after work tomorrow. go out and get something to eat..Β 

3 thing I’m grateful for todayΒ 

– for the energy i have in my bodyΒ 

– for parents

– for workΒ 

what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 time stronger, happier and younger tomorrow..Β