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Sun 22 Nov 23:55 2020Β 


Woke up 8:30.. No alarm. felt so good. space around me felt so still.. slept so fell. feel so relaxed.

“what would it take for me to send my utmost gratitude to for everything being peaceful and in order.”Β 

did not want my theta brain waves to go away soon so I kept myself in the state first by meditating 15 min on Joe Dispenza’s technique, then I went for a run.. I had been to the longer run in less then 15 hours so went only 2 bridges Vauxhall and Lambeth instead of going 3 Westminster, which my body is usually adopted to for past 8 months.. I’m boosting my body today with Carbs..

Carbs + change in the workout = gains..Β 

Change is always good. Remember body and mind needs change as much as possible to keep them both active and sharp. the more new every day the better it is so it does not stave as physical memory.Β 

For builders every 3 months it’s best to change your workout plan.Β 

around 6:30. Italian mate Simone had come to hanging.. we were listening to music then watched The Crown on Netflix he left around 9 on his bike and I made dinner

3 things grateful for today

– for energy to runΒ 

– for tv and signalsΒ 

– for the internet.Β 

What would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 times relaxed, rested.. happy, energetic, richer and younger and have a easy, smooth, relaxed day and all week next week..Β Β