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/Wed 18 Nov 23:51 2020


Woke up around 7:15.. slept so well, was raining outside. was raining in the morning. logged on work 8 sharp.. work was smooth.. went for a run in lunchtime.. It rained halfway through then started raining heavily all the way.. but a lot of people were running in the lunch time.. I was all wet but it felt so good.. I felt exactly the way when I was left and felt the same on return, the legs, the energy.. was so glad I went.Β 

The rest of the afternoon was smooth.. mate Sxxxxx came to see me around 3 afternoons while I was working.. usually to come to hang and bring me bread made by him at his restaurant. Brother had phoned around 8 pm.Β Β 

Watched Crown while eating.. was really good.. a mate wants to come this weekend to watch Mulan.. I have to confirm.Β 

– Interaction on my website..Β  somebody had emailed me asking me to embed their video on my site on “How to Build Domain Authority (DA)”.Β 

I had recently asked my support/mentor group about how to transfer a website hosting from one platform to another and they had come up with an answer for me with a huge big article to read on website hosting which I have been avoiding and it keeps coming back one form or another now making me read this.Β 

Anyway, if it was in case, but maybe not but – “Everywhere If I was procrastinating reading that article, please all emotions and thoughts connected to that get erased now!”

3 things I feel grateful for now

– for my bed, I’m sitting onΒ 

– for this roomΒ 

– for my parents.Β 

what would it take for me and for you to wake up 10 times energetic, happier, younger, activer.. and richer tomro.. mro mro.. parting is such sweet sorrow.Β 

night.. AshΒ 

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