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Tue 02 Jun 2020


I woke up 7:15.. was feeling good and was able to sit and meditate for 20 min. logged on work 8 sharp. today was the blackout Tuesday, the Floyd USA. End Racism!! what would it take for all countries to stop all types of racism now..ย 

Went for a jog on my lunch break, Lambeth bridge, Westminster bridge then back over the Vauxhall bridge. there was a lot of media in front of the Parliament.ย 

meditated once more after work for 20 minutes.. I took a nap for an hour around 6pm. 7:30 went for a walk to see the Sunset. I rested in the park in front of the Archbishop’s castle. Saw Sunset from there.. posted a bunch of pictures on Instagram.ย all Instagram is just full of blackout black lives matter messages.. It was corona all these days and now there are blackouts..ย 

Anyway, on my way from watching the Sunset, I had gone to the supermarket, dinner at 10 pm.. Lamb mince and Rice.ย 

“What would it take for me to be able to stick to my plan and not eat my dinner any later than 7 pm.. especially dear brain no carbs after 7 pm please! and all my patterns in the way of that happening, please get deleted across all time dimensions space and reality.”

Rested a bit more after dinner, enjoyed the glass of hot hazelnut milk.. and now blogging! I feel very horny today.ย 

3 things I am grateful for todayย 

– grateful for being able to see the sunsetย 

– grateful for being the energy go there walking, supermarket etcย 

– grateful for having other human beings around me.ย 

1 wish of my dayย 

what would it take for me and for you to never have to ever experience, see or face racism ever again and everything which is against that happening all patterns created in my mind to attract those experiences, please get deleted immediately across all time dimensions space and reality. ย 

Ta da!ย 

Ash Khaleemย 

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