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Sunday 03 May 2020


Time is a tool.. use it as a tool.. and I wasted so much of time today.. everything making me feel guilty about wasting time, I would like to uncreate it, delete it, de story it across all time, dimensions, space, and reality..

woke up 11:30, had gone to bed.. around 7.. I think it’s my 9th day of the fast. and probably the 6th week of the quarantine, had a really pleasant day. cleaned, spoke to parents, went for a walk around 4.. bought these new speakers.. actually spoke to dad for a long time.. apparently, the virus is .. people are dying less in India somehow.. my dad presumes it’s the weather but I think it the food.. they eat a lot of turmerics. my mother wouldn’t get rid of her maid at least for a few days.. she loves her made a lot and she wants to keep the reality so close to her.

I did pushups in the kitchen, legs on the tabletop. that’s the only place I can think of for incline chest. put your legs on your bed or a table, then your hands on the floor, do those pushups if you want your upper chest to grow.. male and female. that usually an incline bench in the gym. at home, it’s as effective bkz you are using your body weight.

you know not the reason for anyone else’s reality.. only the revelation of truth to myself.

3Β things I am grateful for today

– for NHS

– for everyone who has to go out to work

– to all those people who are able help…

1 wish of the day – what would it take for this darkness of this planet to be eluded now and everything in the way of that happening, I would please like to delete it from all our mind patterns.. across all time dimensions space and reality..

Ash Khaleem

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